Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WHO ARE YOU?: Defining moments in life

One of the most fundamental questions that men have asked over the ages is the question of self-recognition,relevance and significance.  Often you would hear : Who am I? Why am I here on earth? or What the Earth am I doing here?  These seemingly funny questions are those you should be able to provide an answer to by now...if you have been following this blog.  In a short statement you should be able to clearly tell somebody what you are all about, your assignment, your purpose and projects you've embarked on to carry these out. 

Giving an answer to the question of who are you?  is one of the defining moments in a man's life because it would henceforth determine what you do, who are your friends, what activities you indulge and generally your life path changes according to the defined adventures you've set for yourself.  It is very important that you decide to on your dominant definate goals.  You really need to have a sense of destiny.  You should be going somewhere, a miracle going somewhere to happen!

Who you are has alot to do with your goals, vision and purpose for life.  You should be doing something daily that is leading you to your destiny, to your desired future.  Who you are could be seen from your speech,dressing,walk,talk and choice of friends.  If you are an eagle you would stop hanging out with chickens, because your destiny is not to be pecking food from the ground but to be soaring in the skies to limitless lands beyond the sight of the ordinary man!

Come friends, get a life! Get something that drives your day, get something that makes you wake up in the morning and shout " God is good!".  Get goals, pick up your forgotten dreams, they are real!  I believe in your dream!  Listen friends, if God gave you that dream, be sure He will keep His part and deliver it to you...yeah, might be going through the fire right now...but know that gold goes through the fire to be refined,purified and bring out it's real beauty!  You are a gold and you don't even know it!...You are blessed beyond expression and you don't even know it!...You are destined,configured and delivered to this Earth for success in all frontiers of life and you...don'!

It would be an utterly disgraceful thing if you fail to deliver the future!  How can I know who I am?  Thanks for asking that question.  The following are simple steps I recommend you follow and you'll be on your way to discovering the awesome individual that you are:

1) To know the purpose of a thing ask the manufacturer--God. So pray and ask God...He will tell you.  Most of the time He has already built into you ques to who you are. They can be found in your natural talents and dispositions, things that you can do easily.

2) Get a mentor.  Who do you admire in the business world? Who do you want to be like?  Who is that individual of great success that you dream to be like?  Make them your mentors by studying their biographies,listening to their tapes and books.

3) Pursue self-developement seminars and programmes.  Knowledge is the vital ingredient to self-discovery,so to discover who you are, attend motivational seminars, get tapes of reknown speakers,teachers and motivational speakers.  You can't avoid this on the path of discovering who you are.

4) Take Action!  This is the most vital part of self-discovery. You need to put into practise all the things you've been learning from your mentors,seminars and books because a statistic shows that we learn better when we practicalize what we learnt, they sink deeper into our subconscious mind when we act on what we know.  Remember that it isnot what you know that matters but what you do with what you know that counts.

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Recommended Reading : Success Is Who You Are (Sam Adeyemi), Make That Move (Abiodun Mabadeje), Understanding Your Potential, In Pursuit Of Purpose (Myles Munroe), Seven Things To Get To Your Future (John Obuku)

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