Friday, November 20, 2009

DREAMING ON PAPER: Unlocking the power of visualizing

All through these series on Inspiring Moments we have been talking about dreams, goals, vision and having clearly written down plans for our life.  In this 21 century, we cannot survive and make meaningful impact if you don't have a direction for our life.  You need to have specific,measureable,achieveable,realistic and time-bound goals and plans for your can't escape this if you are really thinking about making any meaningful impact with your life.

Dreaming on paper is simply taking a good note book or journal and clearly writting down your plans and visions for your life.  There is a Law of Visualization which gives birth to the Law of Recognition, the Law of Visualization says anything you visualize for a long time and have pictures of it around you that you look to always will eventually manifest in your life. It may sound strange but people that have applied it in their lives has seen results that amazed them,all because they had pictures of their dream cars, houses, places they want to visit in life around them always. 

You can practice it by having a scrap book where you paste pictures of your dream cars, dream house places you would love to visit in life. Pray about this to God because it's Him that would make them come to pass, remember what the scripture says,"commit your ways into the hands of the Lord , delight yourself in Him and He will bring it to pass" also " the heart of a man deviseth his ways but it is the Lord that directs his paths".  Let me state here categorically that you cannot achieve good success without God!  You can't because ultimately all your goals should be used to glorify him.

The next step is the most important one, TAKE ACTION, nothing you know will be of importance if you fail to take action. Nothing!  Go ahead now and pick a paper (a notebook and journal is preferrable) and write your Life Goals, your vision for next year, your new year resolutions! You can do it!  Success is a journey, take my hands as we go along together.

See you at the top! Take Charge!

Recommended Reading : The Principles and Power of Vision (Myles Munroe)

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