Friday, September 24, 2010

WEALTH BUILDING PLAN: Applying different time-tested strategies!

Hello friends, I'm so glad am able to share this with you. I was just going through my old manuscripts and I came across an article I wrote over a year ago, and guess what?...the title of the article is "Wealth Building Strategies!". Isn't it amazing? Wow! I believe this our series on wealth creation,management and multiplication is divinely ordained!

Below are the content of that write-up:

There are many "wealth Building Strategies",my advice to you is to pick one and decide to apply it for the next one year and see the results, if its not too effective, switch to another one, and work at it for the next one year.

The truth about it is that these wealth building plans all work because they are actually time-tested principles;all you need is strict discipline. Research have shown that less than 10% of people in a conference or seminar, or who have even read "success principles,wealth building strategies" etc like this will ever apply what they are taught here, my goal is to make you part of that 10% that will act on this information. And possibly set a new record of having 50% compliance.

Money will magnify what you really are. There are many super stars people celebrate that are wealthy but living a misearable life. Many of them are trapped with drugs,drunkeness & alcholism, womanising & drugs, infact it takes their personal aids to clean them up and they shoot themselves high with drugs, then come on stage to perform & people celebrate & clap for them, whereas they themselves are sad and their hearts are crying for freedom.

You see,money is not actually meant to give you joy...surprised?...pls don't can give you happiness but not joy! That's why you should settle it in your heart that money will not control you rather the opposite should be the case. You have to settle it in your heart that the reason you want to be a millionaire for God is to :
(1) Promote His Kingdom
(2) Bless your family
(3) Bless your community.

These should be your money goals. These should be the reason you want to be rich and build enduring wealth that would last from generation to generation.

Wow!...I hope you got something from all I've said so far! Next on these series,we'll be looking at different wealth building plans and how you can go about applying them. See you at the top!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello friends, I want us to continue on the episode of "The Wealth-Building Plan", so this topic the millionaire formular is actually about those wealth-building schemes and methods I've been able to uncover through research and study.

I'll try as much as possible to share all I've found and hopefully we all will be co-implementors and we willl well be on our way to building durable wealth for ourselves and our families! You've got to get is absolutely resolved in your heart right now that you are going to sit down,roll-up your selves and get down to some real hard work, for you to be financially free and wealthy.

The Millionaire Formular is one that states that for you to get rich, you have to break the Parkinson's Law- Expenses Always Rises Up to meet Income. Haven't you notices that the more money you make the more your so-called "responsibilities"? is because of this Parkinson's Law.

People tend to engage in more expenses as soon as they attain a new level of income. This is what keeps most of us bound and trapped in financial quagmire, it's called impulse buying and financial indiscipline. For you to be rich and build wealth, impulse buying is something you should guard against!

The Millionaire Formular states that there are four(4) steps to take for breaking the Parkinson's Law and thus breaking into the realm of riches and wealth. They are :
1) 10% of your income should go to Tithe or Charity.
2) 30% of your income should go to Living Expenses.
3) 30% of your income should go to Fun & Adventure.
4) 30% of your income should go to Savings & Investments.

I'll expantiate on these in the next blog! See you at the top!

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WEALTH BUILDING PLAN: The gateway out of poverty

The issue of financial freedom is one that should be systematically dealt with. You cannot be financially free if you don't have a financial-get-away plan! Wealth building is a process, it's not one get-rich-quick formular that people are usually hoping and praying to have.

It's amazing to know the number of people who go through life just believing for a lucky-break or a financial wind-fall in order to make it in life! Whereas, all the wealth-building plans I've been priviledged to come across has alot to do with hard work, and not mere day-dreaming and wishful thinking of some lazy minds and hands!

A Wealth-Building-Plan is one that has been tested and proven to work,and which produces durable wealth. It is a plan designed to create financial discipline and a systematic way of saving and investing one's income. The truth has to be said that becoming rich is not an over-night thing that's why it is called a "building plan". It really has to do with a lot of hard work,planning,implementation,diversification and re-planning, really wealth-building is not for the faint-hearted!

You have to actually build and grow your wealth. So if you are looking for a truly lasting riches, be ready to build it and forget about all these get-rich-quick schemes you see around.

In this episodes of "Wealth Building Plans", I'll be sharing some formulars and various plans that wealthy individuals have put into practice and has yielded results for them. So relax and really follow me on these series, you won't regret you did.

So, till next time take charge!

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