Thursday, November 19, 2009


One of the principles of life is the power of a dream, it has been said that what we become in life has alot to do with our dominant dreams for our lives.  All  through history, great achievments have been born as a result of outstanding dreams in the minds of men.  One very vivid example of a dream is the great I Have A Dream speech by Matthew Luther King Jr.   Dreaming Big is really about having high and lofty goals, worthy ambitions and a direction for your life, having an audacious objectives and life visions that actually need only God to bring to pass.

Someone once said  "if God is your father and partner in business, then dream big!".  Friends, if you are really dreaming big, then your plans should be so big that they scare you because you did not create yourself, He created you and gave you a purpose to fulfill on this Earth.  That purpose is usually found on things you love doing, on things that aggravates you and want to correct.  Dreaming Big is wanting to achieve something significant in your life, it's about living a fulfilling and impactful life not just the old "being born, go to primary school, University or Polytechnic, serving your country (NYSC for Nigeria),getting a job, getting married, giving birth to children, raising children,retire at 65 and then wait for death!  I believe God created us for something more significant than this.

The life you are living now is as a result of the dreams that were in your heart some years ago. The type of clothes you wear, the car you may drive, the house you're living now etc these things were once in your mind.  Haven't you noticed that somethings happened in your life and you said " exactly what I dreamed about! my dream has come true!".  Does that sound familiar?  Where you will be ten years from now is exactly where you are in your dreams today!  If you don't dream it, it won't see it!

There's only one place where you are not limited and that is in your mind.  You can be limited by space and time but never in your mind.  You cannot be imprisoned (physically) in your mind.  The only limitation an individual experiences in his mind are self-inflicted.  So friends, never underestimate the power of your dreams, remember the saying " dreams can come true".

Don't be afraid to dream.  You might have the solution to a crucial problem in the world.  You might have the solution to AIDS, the Niger Delta Crisis in Nigeria, corruption in the corridors of power!  Just dream big!   I ask once more : what are your dreams for next year?  Dreams have the power of giving you new meaning for living, bring happiness into your life, a new pitch to your voice.  Keep dreaming, dreams do come true!

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Recommended Reading: Dream Seeds for Destiny (Rev. Matthew Omodiagbe), Live Your Dreams (Les Brown)

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