Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Everything of outstanding beauty and success requires detailed plans.  Imagine the process of drawing the plan of a house by the Architect before the actual building is constructed.  It involves the various dimensions of the rooms,living room, toilets, kitchen and other areas of the proposed building, including the various cost of materials needed. So your road to success should be one that is a planned process.  Success is not an accident, you don't just stumble and find yourself successful.  I have come to know that success is alot of hardwork.  Someone once gave the formlar for success as Preparation + Opportunity = Success

Mike Murdock said "quality preparation leads to quality performance".  The amount of planning you put into whatever endeavour your entering would lead to the amount of success you will experience.  Even the good book said " the heart of a man deviseth his ways and the Lord directs his paths", you just have to give God something to direct.  Some of us are telling God to "bless us", but He answers saying " with what?", we tell Him, "Oh God bless me with money" and He says " to do what?".  In other words, God is looking for our plans so that He can commit great wealth into our hands.

Brian Tracy in his award-winning book - Goals! said that "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance ".  The planning process forces you to organize your thinking in order to identify all the key issues that must be dealt with if you are ultiamtely going to be successful. Planning helps you to take time to do careful thinking before you commit resources and people so as to avoid wastages. Planning is a discipline and skill that can be learned.  The next time you want to embark on any project ensure that you've properly put everything on paper, make a list of all you'll need and keep on adding to that list and adjusting it as situations demands.  Before you finally embark on it make sure you've thoroughly thought it through, it's very vital because it is easier to get into something than to come out of it.

As the year runs to an end, have you started making plans for next year?  What are the things that you want to achieve in the first quarter,second quarter, the third and fourth quarters of next year?  Start now to plan!  Do not wait till December 31 night in church or mosque before you pick a piece of paper and hurriedly scribble some things down that you've not really thought about...those are things that you'll unlikely pursue with passion.  Trust me... it pays to plan.

So start now!  Take a paper now,as you are reading this and start making plans for next year, write down your vision for next year, your new year's resolution!  It gives your life direction and drive!

Stay connected and Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Goals!, Eat that frog! (Brian Tracy), The Principles and Power of Vision (Myles Munroe)