Thursday, November 5, 2009

WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF WEALTH?: Redefining our wealth mentality

Hello friends, I hope you are having a good day just as I am,I want us to ponder on a very crucial issue that affects our lives as humans, and the issue is this: What is the essenCe of wealth? Why do we want to be rich?  What's our real purpose for wanting great wealth?

The motive behind doing something is the true reason why an act is done.  If a lady marries a man because of money, we would say she is greedy and her lust for the wealth of the guy is the major reason why she's married to him not because she actually loves him, which implies that if the money was not there she wouldn't be married to him,furthermore, if the money is no longer there she will leave him.  That is true also for your reason for wanting more money.

I believe that the true reason  for having wealth is to bless lives,to be a person of influence and positive change because you can do alot of good things with lots of money than you can do without it.  You should term this reason your Money Mission.  Pst Matthew Ashimolowo said in his Wealth Creation teaching series, The Mindset of Kingdom Millionaires, that you must have a money mission, you must have a reason why you want God to bless you with great wealth. He said a believer should have at least 3 money missions which are :

Money Mission 1: To build the Kingdom of God
Money Mission 2: To bless your family (but do not spoil them)
Money Mission 3: To bless your community by building orphanages,hospitals and other community services

So, you cannot break into real wealth if you do not have a money mission in mind,because a money misison is meant to make us have a focus and a direction for our finances.  According to my favourite book, "money answereth all things...wealth is a defense".  You have to re-assess your motive for wanting wealth.  I know having lots of money means control over our circumstances. Money gives power. Money is a magnifier of what we really are. If you are a proud man, having money would make you more arrogant. If you are humble, money will make you more humble, if you are a free giver, more money will make you to give more. If you are a reckless spender, more money will mean more reckless spending.

So building a right personality is very important so that when the money comes it will reflect the great champion that you areCharacter development is more important than wealth creation,a sound character can create great wealth. If your character is well developed and okay, when the money comes things will be fine. If there is a character flaw, more money means disaster,oppression and doom.

In concluding for now...your motive for having great wealth will ultimately determine your fulfilment in life, because true happiness comes from impacting lives and making a difference in your generation.  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: The Law of Recognition (Mike Murdock), The Burden of Freedom, In Pursuit of Purpose (Myles Munroe), You Can Win (Shiv Khera)