Thursday, December 3, 2009

KEEP ON KEEPING ON : The Power of Persistence

To achieve success, one thing is needful and that is persistence. It is the holding power to stay on the game. You cannot succeed if you quit on your road to succeed, you have to stay on. You have to persist. Persistence has been defined as the consistent insistence that you will get what you dreamt or desire. Another word for persistence is faith.

Keep on keeping on means you are convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that what you desire will come to pass, it is the burning desire to succeed. It is the will to stay on and hang on to your desires and visions despite seemingly overwhelming obstacles, knowing fully well that when the chips are down, you are coming out as the only man standing! You cannot give up now on your dreams, you have come too far to fail, God has not brought you this far to leave you! He will help you and see you through your journey!

Nothing in life comes easy, you have to fight for it, persistence is that fight. It's a fight of will power to succeed, it's a fight of faith. The world will stand and make way for the guy who is persistent, even angels will come and remove all obstacles from your way and say to them "leave him alone and give him his dreams,go and look for other faithless ones to hinder". Napoleon Hill said "the starting point of all success is a burning desire". I would liken this burning desire to persistence.

Dr Mike Murdock said that "crisis is always at the point of a miracle", you have to overcome the crisis to breakthrough in riches ,common man! you are at the very point of hitting gold don't quit! Winston Churchill said " never never never give up ", that's what am saying to you now, DO - NOT - GIVE- UP! You are the next wonder to happen to your community,your state and country! Have you ever heard of the story of "Acres of Diamonds"? You might just be sitting on your own acre of diamonds and don't even know it.

Keep on keeping on, keep on holding on, you cannont fail, God has destined you for success, reach out and take it! All things are yours!

Recommended Reading : Success is Who You Are (Sam Adeyemi), Why Ask Why? (John L. Mason),It’s Not Over Till It’s Over (Matthew Ashimolowo)

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