Friday, December 18, 2009


The beauty of the planet Earth, the awesomeness and vastness of Space lives us with nothing short of awe of it's creation.  Definately the creator did something special on everything we see in and around us.   Surely, just as the house,boat and telephone has a maker, so also does this our Universe!  I believe that to achieve anything of significant impact on Earth requires a connection to a higher power!  The Ultimate power and creator of the Universe is God, Jehovah!  I wanna ask, are you holding on to Him?

No matter the outstanding visions, dreams and goals you have for yourself you need a power that is stronger,higher and wiser than you go achieve themYou cannot relegate God to the back ground!  Yeah...throughout these series on Inspiring Moments  we have come across some principles and universal laws of the universe.  May I submit to you here that those laws are established by God!  Just like laws of our country Nigeria is formulated,drafted and enacted by the Senate, so also, these universal laws that makes the universe to work were established by God!  So, He cannot be relegated to the background by all these New Age teachings that says by focussing your mind on something long enough you will achieve it.  You need God to succeed!

God is the higher power by which we can succeed and have good success.  Now, we really have to get it settled in our hearts that real success is not just based on how much material wealth one has but how one ultimately ends.  Yeah...your ending matters alot and without God, the end looks very bleak for man.  History is replete with examples of people that made all the wealth but finally end up as wrecks, broke and die nasty deaths...why?...the God-factor was missing!

So I charge you today and challenge you today...what are you holding on to?...What is the centre of your life?  Rick Warren  sums it up appropriately in his book, The Purpose Driven Life by saying our lives need to be built around a centre that is unbreakable when all circumstances of life around us fails.  God is that centre.  I encourage you to establish as relationship with Him's a touchy issue but well, folks, am here to inspire you and also to tell you the matter how blunt it may be! I love y'all.

Stay Connected and P-E-A-C-E!

Recommended Reading: The Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren), The Attributes of God ,vol.1 & 2 (A.W. Tozer)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FINISHING STRONG : Ending the year on high!

A saying goes that it's not how you started that matters but how you end that counts.  It goes in line with one of my favourite sayings that "it's not what you know that matters but what you do with what you know that counts".  Many people start something, only champions (and they are few) finish".   You've got to have the staying on power.  You have to finish strong despite the present circumstances surrounding you right've just gotta stay focussed on your dreams,goals and visions for your life and stay strong!.

Finishing strong entails picking up yourself as you journey on the road to success, you cannot afford to fail on this adventure!  It's true at the start of the journey all you saw is the beautiful picture of yourself achieving those things, nobody told you that the road won't be easy, you just can't give up've come too far from where you've started will succeed...but you won't if you quit!  Finishing strong is having the mentality that despite what has happened in the past, you are determined to get it right ultimately, you are determined and have your mind made up that you must finish well!.

What are those things you started this year and stopped half way?  It's time you pick up your books, dust your clothes, roll up your sleeves and let's go to your future! I believe in your dream!  The key to success is this : ACT, ACT and ACT!  No other singular factor is more important than that!  All your academic qualifications and what you know does not matter until you act!  You've got to finish strong forget all the past mistakes and get going, Paul  said something, he said "this one thing I do, putting behind the pass, looking up ahead and pressing towards the price of the high calling on God".

Be persistent! Whatever you start, stay at it God will bless your hand, even your failure will work for you!  Remember, all things work together for good!  Finishing strong is what quarantees the prize not starting strong, finishing strong is the main thing!  Finishing strong means continuous commitment to learning!  Commit yourself to reading and thinking!  Be an upgraded you!  Even Microsoft upgrades their systems everyday! I mean everyday in other to remain relevant!  It entails you buying and reading quality books,listening to motivational/inspirational tapes, attending seminars, moving with vision and purpose-driven people! Learn everyday!

I'll definately see you are the top.  You can make it through the storm!  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading :  Being the Best You (John Obuku)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Excellence and perfection are two terms that have been greatly confused and usually used interchangeably, I have come to see that they are actually very different.  You must have heard statements like "that's an excellence job!", "you did a perfect job!".  Being an excellent person and a perfect person are two different things, very very different. 

Excellence is defined by Bamidele Jimoh ACA, as doing something consistently well over time It is doing something better than any other person.  It is a conscious effort to do something badly now because you want to eventually do it well.  It is striving to be the best in your service delivery and when that work is called for, the only person they will be thinking of is you.  Excellence entails practice, hard practice.

Perfection is defined as a state of total wholeness,flawlessness and complete in every detail.  I believe we as humans are striving towards perfection, but the truth is, we cannot get there...sorry, that may shock you, but it's the truth.  We cannot get to the point where we now say, we are totally perfect, the day you begin to see yourself as being perfect  that's the day you begin to nose-dive,deteriorate and decadence sets in.  You and I would agree that as humans we have our limitations...have you ever heard of the word " human error", "percentage error"?... there you go...that's the reason I said if you are looking to be Mr Perfect you are setting up yourself for dissappointment! 

Please, don't get me wrong but the truth is  there's always a better way of doing something or else why do we have World Records been broken at every olympics? Hmm? Why?  What you call perfect today would be rubbished by tomorow's astounding performance by someone else.  I know the Bible said "be ye perfect for I am perfect", am not disputing that, the scriptures cannot be broken, all am saying is what you call perfect today would become old glory by another wonderful achievement  by someone else.

So which cadre do you fit in?  The excellent guy/gal or the perfect guy/gal.  I'll go for excellence, ability to do things consistently well over time.  Be known for excellence...let it be your middle name!   See you at the top, remember, it's never crowded in the sky!

Recommended Reading: Overcoming The Enemy Called Average (John L. Mason)

Monday, December 14, 2009

REFINING MOMENTS: Triumph through trials

Life atimes gives us funny blows and we have lots of lessons to learn from activities that happens in our life.  Your troubles are actually your miracles!  In every crisis there is an equal amount of opportunity for a breakthrough.  You are to profit from that stumbling block not to die in it.  The truth is that most people never realise that they are supposed to learn from the mistakes and errors and do better when those obstacles reoccur in the future.

One of the definations of failure is " to start more intelligently next time".  Yeah, your mistakes are actually meant to make you start more intelligently next time around.  Just like the fire is used to refine gold to bring out it's true qualities, circumstances that presents themselves as challenges are meant to remove all impurities from you and make you the star that you are.  The issue here is what are you made of? Who are you?   If you are a person of strong character, it would show in how you react to challenges circumstances Circumstances reveal to the man who he is.

Crisis situations reveal our true character, if you really want to know a man, observe him at the moment of his trial, watch how he reacts when faced with obstaclesYour true friends are known at your crisis moments!  Whatever you are passing through, have this settled in your mind that " this problem is for my lifting", "this challenge is pulling me to the next level of my upliftment".  A wise saying goes that "necessity is the mother of invention".  In times of crisis, rise above it by proferring a solution to it instead of complaining and dwelling on the problem.  In times of crisis, look for creative ways to solve the seemingly imsurmoutable problem rather that passing the buck.

One of the definations of failures is to pass the blame to somebody else when it's in your power to take responsibility and boldly looking for solutions to the problem. Your mentality should be " can I solve this problem?"  Listen friends, every problem has a solution!   Be a solution provider, a trouble-shooter and not a trouble-maker!

You can do it if you can only put your mind to it!  You are the best there one be like you!  Go ahead believe in yourself and succeed!  You are a gem of inesteemable value!  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: It's Not Over Till It's Over! (Matthew Ashimolowo)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Life on earth has been seen has something like a competition between men, competition for who is the best, who achieves this and who achieves that, who has the biggest car, the fattest bank account,wears the most expensive clothes etc.  But I have come to discover that the true competition is beating ourselves, how have you been able to surpass your past successes?  Are you still living in the past glory,in previous years' successes or are you breaking new frontiers?

The only person you have to compete against is yourself!  Yeah, that may shock you, but common listen, friends, as our finger prints are different so is our individual purposes and destinies.  The important thing one should be doing is fulfilling his own destiny, doing the work God has sent you to this earth to do.  Now that brings me to the question, Are you fulfilling your destiny?  Have you discovered your purpose? Are you competing with your fellow man or striving to supercede your previous success?  Hmm... these are important questions you must ask yourself.

Your true competition is compete to supercede your past achievements!  That is your true competitionYou are created for a specific purpose by God, discover it and become a world leader!  You become a leader by discovering your gifts and talents and actively refining them and serving them to the world.  Your most dominant aspiration is to surpass your achievements of yesterday!  To get to the next level of success you need to surpass your accomplishments of yesterday! Stop living in past glory!  God is not interested in what you have done as much as He's interested in what you are capable of doing!

Henceforth, seek to become a huge success by surmounting the obstacles before you and accomplishing more than you did yesterday!   There are greater levels of success and lofty achievements before you...the issue you see them?  Do you believe you can attain greater levels of success than what you did yesterday?  Remember one of the principles of life : Thoughts Become Things!  That's one of the greatest laws of the universe, The Law of Attraction.

You can succeed, you will succeed!  Just Think and Believe! It is possible, remember only you can stop you!  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: Better Than Good (Zig Ziglar), The Law of Recognition (Mike Murdock)

KEEP ON KEEPING ON : The Power of Persistence

To achieve success, one thing is needful and that is persistence. It is the holding power to stay on the game. You cannot succeed if you quit on your road to succeed, you have to stay on. You have to persist. Persistence has been defined as the consistent insistence that you will get what you dreamt or desire. Another word for persistence is faith.

Keep on keeping on means you are convinced beyond all reasonable doubts that what you desire will come to pass, it is the burning desire to succeed. It is the will to stay on and hang on to your desires and visions despite seemingly overwhelming obstacles, knowing fully well that when the chips are down, you are coming out as the only man standing! You cannot give up now on your dreams, you have come too far to fail, God has not brought you this far to leave you! He will help you and see you through your journey!

Nothing in life comes easy, you have to fight for it, persistence is that fight. It's a fight of will power to succeed, it's a fight of faith. The world will stand and make way for the guy who is persistent, even angels will come and remove all obstacles from your way and say to them "leave him alone and give him his dreams,go and look for other faithless ones to hinder". Napoleon Hill said "the starting point of all success is a burning desire". I would liken this burning desire to persistence.

Dr Mike Murdock said that "crisis is always at the point of a miracle", you have to overcome the crisis to breakthrough in riches ,common man! you are at the very point of hitting gold don't quit! Winston Churchill said " never never never give up ", that's what am saying to you now, DO - NOT - GIVE- UP! You are the next wonder to happen to your community,your state and country! Have you ever heard of the story of "Acres of Diamonds"? You might just be sitting on your own acre of diamonds and don't even know it.

Keep on keeping on, keep on holding on, you cannont fail, God has destined you for success, reach out and take it! All things are yours!

Recommended Reading : Success is Who You Are (Sam Adeyemi), Why Ask Why? (John L. Mason),It’s Not Over Till It’s Over (Matthew Ashimolowo)