Tuesday, November 24, 2009


As the  new year draws closer, one thing constantly impresses my heart-- What are my goals for next year? What are my new year resolutions? How would I go about creatively making and acting on them? Because I have come to know that many people make resolutions on 1st January and by 31st January they've abandoned completely their resolutions for that year.  This I feel is very tragic.

So friends, how do we go about organizing ourselves and planning effectively for the new year?  Because you can be efficient in drawing out a plan but ineffective in its execution; efficient is doing things right while effective is doing the right thingsMy major definative goal for next year is to be efficient and effective about my new year resolutions and creatively execute them.

Now I have designed a simple plan to executive my goals for next year (because new year resolutions are actually goals for the year), and it goes thus:

1) Write out all my goals and plans for the year 2010

2) Divide the year into 4 quarters i.e. every 3 months- Jan. to Mar, Apr to Jun, Jul to Sept., Oct to Dec   2010.

3) Divide these goals into 4 parts and allocate them to each of the quarters for the year.

4) Concentrate all efforts on the goals for a particular quarter so as to ensure effectiveness in execution.  To allow maximum use of time.

5) Monitor and measure progress at the end of each quarter and note areas of accomplishment, improvement and correction.

The Creative New Year Resolution is to ensure that goals-setting and attainment is more interesting and simple to implement. It also ensures that these goals becomes a part of the individual.  A wise saying goes, I think its Albert Einstein that said it--" to continue to do the same thing the same old way and expect a different result is one of the defination of insanity".  It's very important you try and work on making goal-setting and goal-execution your habit, because a saying also goes " we form our habits and our habits form our future".

Happy goal setting and execution! Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Goals! (Brain Tracy)

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