Monday, November 16, 2009


Hello friends, thanks for all your comments and contributions to my blog posts, I really appreciate your inputs, they are invaluable.  A thought was going through my mind recently, and actually it forms the core of what this blog space is all about : Am I a person of significance?  Am I living to the utmost of my true potentials?  Why am I a Nigerian and not an American?  Why was I born in Africa and not in Europe?

 We all might have asked this same questions some time in our lives and I ask, have you found an answer to that? I believe that the greatest gravings of the human spirit is the search for significance and relevance.   I believe that being born a Nigerian or whatever country you may come from is not an accident...never, God saw a problem that's why He created you and custom made you for our country.  I am so glad am a Nigerian, am so glad because corruption is in trouble!

Being a person of significance is actually living and dying for a course and that shows someone who has discovered his purpose for living and is willing to pay the price to make a difference.  Are you ready to be a difference to your generation?  What would be your significant contribution to your country of birth?  See friends, you are not just born into Nigeria by accident, you are not just some haphazard creature of God that He sent here because He has nothing else to do, you are a deliberate work of His hands sent here to make a significant contribution to your immediate family, your village,your tribe, state and country. You are a solution to a problem!

The ultimate joy you will ever experience in life is the joy of discovering and fulfilling your purpose! It sets your heart at peace with men and yourself,you'll have a new drive for life, a new zest for your work and a new spring on your feet.  Purpose gives you joy that words cannot describe, it gives a sense of direction that you are truly going somewhereA man with purpose will overcome every obstacles that usually comes on the road of successWhen you have a purpose you don't go everywhere, you don't hang out with everybody or anybody, you only hang out with those that are going the same direction with you.  A wise saying goes that "stop hanging out with chickens if you are an eagle!".

Being a person of significance means you have discovered who you are, what you are called to do and you are busy fulfilling it...believe me friends, nothing you do will ever count, nothing!  You are more powerful and gifted than you think! Take Charge!

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