Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Research has shown that only 10% of people who get this information ever act on it, the remaining 90% goes on living their lives the same way and continue to get the same results--financial lack.  My goal is to get you into the 10% percent that would get these principles and act on them, if you get into the acting on these principles, my aim would have been achieved.

There are many principles of wealth creation, we'll be going through several on these series and I pray that you'll pick the one that would be suitable for you and work on it  till you get the financial results that you desire.  Note, from my studies I have come to notice that these principles do more than just give you financial freedom, they change you, they change how you deal with money, your spending habits and your savings and investments culture.

I'll be giving out some websites that has to do with Financial Education and some materials on personal finance---see friends--- the journey to financial freedom is lots of work, because with more power (financial power) comes more responsibility ( disciplined spending ,savings and investing).  More so, these brief blog posts are not enough to adequately deal with the issues of money.  My aim over here is to give you the needed push to make that move so that you'll experience maximum impact  in your finances, family and life goals.

I want to share in this post The Millionaires Formular, it's one of those Priniciples of Wealth  that is bound to change you and your finances.  It is divided into four parts, they are:

1) 10% of your income should go to Tithing
2) 30% of your income should go to paying your living expenses
3) 30% of your income should go to fun and adventure
4) 30% of your income should go to savings and investing

Each part of the millionaires formular  is very vital to the actualization of the goal of financial freedom.  The formular is 10-30-30-30, this is one formular you really want to remember...because obeying it quarantees your becoming a millionaire over time!...yeah...you heard me right, a millionaire!  See, these is a formular applied by a millionaire and he gave it out, it worked for him, it will work for you. Remember that success has it's tracks.  If you follow this formular you will end up where they ended up--being a millionaire!

Stay with me...the journey has just begun!

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