Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: The unavoidable path to financial freedom

Hello friends, I'd like to talk about Multiple streams of income in this post. The issue of money is one that the whole world is involved in everyday. Infact, you'r not truly successful untill you have some level of financial freedom, and I'v come to discover that financial freedom, real financial freedom comes from having several channels through which money comes into your life!

If you truly want to be financially free,then,developing and operating multiple income streams is something that is not an option for you. You just have to settle it that you're gonna succeed irrespective of the obtables before you or the challenges you have to overcome! I say this again for exphasisn,If you really want to be financially free, develop and operate on multiple streams of income!

Financial experts have said an individual has to have at least four income streams that feeds their lives! Check out all the wealthy people you can find, they all have more than one source of income! You can't get rich with your salaried work. You can't get rich by working for somebody else all your life! You only get rich by operating your own business! While you maintain your salary job, seek for a line of business in which you are interested in and follow it,develop it, invest money and your off-work time to it.

You should actually develop income streams according to your giftings,talents and interests! There are several ideas on how to build multiple streams of income to gain financial freedom, especially in this age of information overload, you don't have an excuse to be poor! There's a talent in you that needs developing! There is something about you that you can commercialize and establish and breakthrough with! Find your giftings and find your sources of income!

We will continue on this pertinent and over-relevant issue in this our modern times! You are too strong to loose!

Take Charge!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


In life I have come to discover that there's one very vital and important aspect of our lives that almost single-handedly determines what we get out of life. I beleive that the level of success we experience in life is directly related to our personality. What does your personality type speak to people about who you are? When you walk into a room what message do you send out? Mike Murdock says "we are walking messages". The way we talk,walk and dress is sending a message to people about who we are.

It has been said that the greatest profession in life is selling, and everyone is involved in it in one way or the other. We are all selling something everyday; you sell yourself to your family in other for them to buy into your idea of how the family should be run. You sell yourself to your employer to employ you or even keep you on the job! You sell yourself to your spouse in other for him/her to commit into marriage with you! Common, we are in the business of selling and we don't even know it! Even God has to come down and sell the idea of a Kingdom of Heaven to mankind in other to win us over! What else is there to say?

So,I ask you this question,what are you selling? The way you dress,talk and walk is actually selling your product to those in your sphere of influence! Funny enough, you may not be aware of it, but you've been selling stuff long enough that certain notions and stereo-types have be formed about you already!...Surprised? Please don't be.

The good news is that you can stop and start to consciously sell your desired product, all you have to do is to change your mentality and your focus and all other things will automatically fall in place. You can have all the success you want, attract the best of friends and people into your life, attract financial resources and so much more when you begin to sell the right product through your personality type.

Well, this is a journey I'll not want to rush with this post. We'll continue on it with the one,so hang on folks. I'll like to end here by quoting the words of Sam Adeyemi, he says this about success, "Success is who you are", now I don't think I can really over-emphasize that statement.

Take Charge!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Hello friends, recently I was listening to one of my mentors and he said something that really got me thinking deep. Infact this has been one of my earlier thoughts and guiding principles, but for some time now, I've sort of left it, but thank God for mentors;they have a way of jump-starting you, when you seemed to be flat-footed! If you don't have a mentor who speaks into your life daily, you'll not be able to go far!

Mentors tell you where you are going wrong. They keep the fire of your dreams burning because in them, you see your aspired future. They've gone through stuff you'r presently going through and can give useful advice on how to overcome them without repeating their own mistakes. Please, find worthy mentors to guide you through your path of life! I can't over-emphasize this!

Now,back to what I earlier wanted to talk to you about...He said something like this " there are many old men who are regretting at their old age because they now realise that there are many things they would have done while they were younger! I want to ask you sir, ma, what is that thing that you're postponing and have not done yet,which you would regret when you are old? What is that burning desire in your heart that you really want to give birth to but you're afraid saying "will this work?"," I don't think anybody has done this before"...friends, unless you fulfil those dreams that God has given you, you won't be trully happy and fulfilled in life.

Five years down the lane what would you have become? Ten years from today that you are reading this post what would you have become? Let me give you a sneek preview, Ten years from now you will be exactly where you are in your dreams,goals,visions and aspirations for your life. I beg you, if you're still confused about what you are here on earth for please kindly do well to pick up books from the list of recommended reading below, I know you'll not fail!

Whatever you desire to do in life, God has built into you the capability to do them. You have been hard-wired to fulfill that burning desire in your heart. I wish you the best. Remember, the sky is never crowded for those who are willing to fly. Common, believe that you can fly, spread your wings, take the leap of faith and you'll see yourself soaring over the storms of life and reaching heights you've always dreamt of. IT IS POSSIBLE, I BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS!

Take Charge! You are too strong to loose!

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