Wednesday, September 30, 2009

INTEGRITY: Battling with the mountain within

I welcome you to another day, it's a signifant day in that it marks the end of a year in our national life and also ushers in a new dawn. Tomorrow is Oct 1st,Independence Day and Nigeria will be 49 years! We give God the glory for taking us this far, things are getting better,I picture the New Nigeria of my dream...that's a discussion for another day. I will be at the platform tomorrow at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS)--it's a must-not-miss program.

We started our discussion on integrity yesterday and I think we'll dwell on this topic a little longer than usual because it cuts down to the very challenge we face as individuals and nation. Integrity also means wholeness, when your inner self is in unison with your outer self. Integrity also means fixed, predictable and statute. A man with integrity is very predictable because you can quarantee what he will do in particular situations.

Most people pride in being unpredictable...hmm...I have come to know that there's a problem with that statement because it actually means that they are unstable, unreliable and untrustworthy...are u shocked? Pls don't be.  Another name for integrity is character, and character is something that is dependable and fixed like a statute.

Your character protects your gift. Your character is more important than your a saying goes " your gift will take you to the top but your character will keep you there"...We will continue tomorrow, this issue of integrity is one too heavy and vital to rush over.  Be inspired, be motivated to take the giant steps to make the necessary changes to be all the best that God has designed you to be. 

You can make it...I believe in you...see you at the top...TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading: The Power Principle of Integrity in Leadership-VCD Pre-Platform Evening with Myles Munroe (Convenant Christian Centre)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

INTEGRITY: Matching your private life with your public life

Well friends, this is one of the most difficult topics to talk about, not because of its intricacies and complexities but because it is one that is actually a hard pill to swallow...even for the most disciplined individual.

A defination given for Integrity is when your private life matches up with your public life.i.e. what you say and do in the public should also be what you would say and do in private...You should not be seen saying one thing and then doing another thing.  If you say others should not womanise...hmmm...are you not doing the same?  Do you say one thing and you go back and do something else...friends, this is a very hard pill for me to swallow because it cuts down to our inner desires and struggles.

I'm taking a very deep look at my actions for these past few months and years...infact ever since I started taking this issue of integrity seriously, I've come to put off's a hard pill to swallow but to inspire others and be a model, you have to live above board.

So friends, I say this with utmost humility..."what are the areas of your life that you need to change?", what are the things that you need to put aside and say "yes" to the higher call of God's demands as per your integrity? Please, take a honest self analysis, nobody is condemning you now...just be plain honest and take the courage to make the necessary adjustments.  Believe me...I know how you're feeling now...but know is well.

In concluding for now...I will paraphrase a wise saying like this "Oh God! give me the heart to accept the things I cannot change and give me the courage to change those I can change".  Your integrity protects your gift and your future. We'll continue on this tomorow.  Stay connected.  Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: The Power Principle of Integrity in Leadership-VCD Pre-Platform Evening (Myles Munroe) 

FAILURE TRACKS: Identifying the pattern of failure

Hello friends, what a wonderful day. Just like we started yesterday, we discovered that success has its tracks, so also does failure...surprised? Pls don't be.  Like you must have now realised, everything around us has its pattern. If it wants to rain, there is a pattern, if it's going to be a sunshine day, there's a pattern. As success has its trail so also does failure.

Failure is not a one-off event. Failure comes in succeed or fail bit by bit.  Just like a bucket that is leaky, and the water in the container gradually drizzles away, so also does failure comes subtlely.  You start to fail from those little procrastinations of critical things you're supposed to be doing daily.  How many books have you avoided reading? How many weeks do you waste away playing,watching motives on satalitte TV and endless seasons of Prison Brakes and 24,when you have a professional exam coming up? Hmm...I just wonder.

You see friends, the moment you begin to avoid those important things you are supposed to do and go for the trivial...that's a failure track. Failure track is avoiding what you are supposed to do today and hoping to do it tomorow, only for tomorow to come and you continue the cycle of procrastination. Everyday you should be doing something that is taking you closer to your dream. Mike Murdock said " the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine". 

Summarily, failure tracks includes some of the following attitudes:
1) Not having clearly defined goals, visions and aspirations that is well documented and followed passionately.i.e. lack of definateness of purpose.
2) Being a master procrastinator by starting so many things and not finishing any of them

3) Having no mentors, not a life-long learner, hate reading thus knowledge

4) Trying to please everybody.

5) Trying to be like somebody and undermining your uniqueness. Being narrow-minded.

6) Hanging out with people that are not going anywhere because they will ultimately make you like them- be a nobody.

7) Thinking you can make it on your own. You need God, people and a plan. Remember  the "7 keys to make it to your future".

In concluding for now... a close study of people that have failed in history is a good lesson. Remember failure is not an event, it is a journey...some continuously fail by repeating past mistakes, others learn from the experiences of those that have gone ahead of them. Where do you belong?  Stay connected. Take Charge!

Recommended Reading:Wisdom 101, The Assignment (Mike Murdock), Living your Glory (Myles Munroe), Success 101 (John C. Maxwell),Awakening the Giant Within,Unlimited Power (Anthony Robbins)

Monday, September 28, 2009

SUCCESS TRACKS: How to follow the trail to success

Hello friends, I have come to realise that everything we do in life have a certain pattern. If it wants to rain, there is a pattern the weather will follow. If it's going to be a sunny day, there's a pattern to follow.  At work, if your day is going to be a busy one, there is a particular pattern it would be gradually be unfolding, and you'll conclude "'s like am going to have a very busy and hectic day today". 

So, success has it's pertain, yes, success has it's tracks.  There's a foot path to success. Look at the success stories of great men, learn the principles behind their success,apply them in your life and you'll most likely end up successful like them, if not better than them.

If  you want to be rich,do you have the list of the 10 most richest men in the world? If you want to be a super professional in your field, do you have the list of the top 10 most successful practioners of your profession? Hmm... if you are really serious about success, you need to study the lives of great and success men...irrespective of the field of endeavour, I've come realise that success has it's tracks, it's it and follow it.

Atimes it may look like all these talk about success is too "out-of-this-world" but let me ask you this many success principles have you applied since you been reading about them? You see, friends, it's not all about what you know but what you do with what you know that makes the difference.

In concluding for now...the key to success is to study the lives of successful men and apply what they did in your own local settting and you will be amazed at the results you'll produce. The key is TAKE ACTION!, MAKE THAT MOVE!, that's the real success we are talking about. A wise saying goes like this " a shoddy plan acted upon is better that a well structure one left to gather dust on the shelf"

T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E!

Recommended Reading : Make Take Move (Abiodum Mabadeje), Take Action (Praise George)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

LIFE LONG LEARNING: Key to Significant Living

I have come to know that the secret to a productive life is living a life of constant learning...yeah...for you to grow in life and become someone significant, you have to be committed to a very serious discipline of "Life-Long Learning".

It is said that when you stop learning you start dieing...I've come to know that is very true. You see, friends, the last real reading some people have really done is when they wrote their last semester exams in school, either in the University or Polytechnic...that to me is very very tragic, because what you'll see in these type of lives is little motivation, drive, personal improvement and zest for living.

If you really what to give your life a new meaning, I suggest the following, which I think are actually steps to embark on a continuous Life-long learning progress that almost automatically quarantees success in life...success in it's true defination.

The Process of life-long learning include some of the following:
1) Buying and reading quality books that are motivational,inspirational,spiritual and have to do with personal and career development

2) Seek and attend any seminar on career talks,financial education,business entreprenuerial skills,personal development and how to have multiple streams of income.

3) Committ yourself to building your personal library of rich books that cuts across a wide variety of areas of interests. Your library should be so rich that any age bracket should find something suitable to read.

4) Committ to reading a book per month, then when you get very proficient, you could increase it to 2 or 3 books per month. For me, I read a chapte of a different book per day (sounds challenging hey? but I love!)

5) Develop the positive attitude of ever ready to learn something new each day, from each event in your life...commit your lessons learnt to a journal or diary title "Life lessons", which is your "personal book of proverbs".

In concluding for now...hmm... the world is full of information, infact there's an information over-load, so you have no excuse for not succeeding. Take action...TAKE C-H-A-R-G-E!

Recommended Reading: You Can Win (Shev Khera), Over the Top (Zig Ziglar), Awakening the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)


Hello friends, it gives me immense pleasure to be able to communicate my thoughts to you once more.  Am so glad for this singular priviledge of having you reading through my blog on a consistent basis, and I know your life have been blessed so far; because mine have been hugely blessed by these series.

Now, I want to rush some thoughts over to you and hope that they would actually spur you into taking action.  A wise saying goes like this " it is not what you know that matters but what you do with what you know that counts", and this is reinterated by Donald Trumph, the business mongul, he said " what's the use of having great knowledge without sharing them?".

These thoughts are:
1) Are you living a life of Purpose?  If you've had the opportunity of reading Rick Warren's  awarding winning book, The Purpose-Driven Life, you won't have problem with this question.  I believe it's a "must-read" for any serious minded individual on this planet earth. The Principles of purpose shared there are profound and very fundamental to anyone who wants to make a significant impact on earth...Like you must have known from these series, life on earth is all about impact.

2) Do you now have S.M.A.R.T goals? If you've been following us on these series, by God, by now, you should have goals written down. By S.M.A.R.T goals I mean:
S- specific goals
M- measurable goals
A- achievable goals
R- realistic goals
T- time-bounded goals or time-based goals
You see friends, for your goals to be worthwhile and really make impact they should really meet the above requirements.

3) How do you spend your leisure time? What's your idea of leisure? what do you do with your own time? On saturdays  that you do not go to work, what do you do with your time?  I have come to know that people who actually make significant progress in life use their leisure time for self-development and personal improvement programmes. Instead of lazing around and watching Prison-Break for 6 straight hours, why not pick up a book, like Goals! by Brian Tracy and read for just 1 hour? You'll be amazed at the results after you do that for 4 saturdays.

In concluding for now...I want to challenge you...dare friend to pick a pen and paper right now and write down, Specific,Measurable,Achievable,Realistic and Time-bound goals right now...and start to take action on fulfilling them...common for once in your life, set a target for yourself that you will surely follow through!.  You will succeed!...see you at the top!. TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading: In Pursuit of Purpose, The Burden of Freedom (Myles Munroe), The Law of Recognition, The Assignment (Mike Murdock), Ideas Rule the World, The Second Revolution (Sam Adeyemi),Goals!,Eat that Frog (Brian Tracy)

Friday, September 18, 2009


I believe that what makes us move and do certain things is because of our priority.  Longman Dictionary of Contemporay English defined it as "the thing that you think is most important and that needs attention before anything else;to know what is most important and needs attention first".

So Friends, what is that thing that is most important to you? Hmm...I want you to give an honest self examination. Take the next 60 seconds and ponder on this before you read on.  It may be one of the most defining 60 seconds of the year. glad you've done that. I would like to call it the Power Principle of Priority because it is what defines how we face our daily lives.  It is what we think as the most important and we give our undivided attention to per time.  Well, for me, my priority is The Kingdom of God, yeah....that's it The Kingdom of Heaven. 

For me, life on earth is actually meant to be lived as ambassadors of a foreign country, trying to impact and influence the earth with the culture, lifestyle,power and influence of that home country.  We'v heard of songs like "This world is not my home,am just passing through" ,by Jimm Reeves and countless others that attest to the fact that life on earth is temporal.

Since life on earth is temoporal, then, it behoves on us the importance of prioritizing every aspect of our life. Infact you should be able to defined in clear terms what your priority in life is; Is it to make money, ride big and latest cars, having superfluous wealth such that you can't keep track of your bank balance? What is that priority? Please, friends, define  your priority and keep working at it.

In concluding for now...Our master and friend,said "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you", that I believe should be the priority of every human being on the face of the earth: That is the koko, the real-deal, the Ultimate and True Priority.

Recommended Reading: Kingdom Principles, God's Big Idea (Myles Munroe)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello friends, wow! wow!! wow!!! It's a lovely day and I believe it's gonna be a lovely week, one filled with love, favour, blessings and all the good things that we are all longing for.  I hope you've had the time to go through all these blogs I have been posting since August 31, 2009- the birthday of this blog. Thanks for visiting and sharing my thoughts and dreams.

I want to start this week by asking some thought-provoking questions, questions that would provoke your ideology, questions that would re-orientate how you look at some things...and please, don't feel intimidated or that am coming with a "holier-than-thou attitude" no no, that's not the intention of this website.  This blog is actually about inspiring you to action.  Inspiration is about your thought while Motivation is about your action. 

My goal on "Inspiring Moments with John Obuku & Friends" is to cause a revolutionary change in your thinking pattern to begin to see the big picture and begin to see yourself as a Champion that you really  are.  Scientists have proven that at conception, there are about 500,000 million sperms that swim towards an egg, but only that fertilizers it... that one is a champion, you are that one...hmm..hmm...yes you are, please, stand up and say..."I AM A CHAMPION!".

In cases of twins, what you have is a case of double champions, tripplets is tripple champions. So, for the fact that you are alive means you overcame about 499,000 million others to make it. So friends, congratulations once again.

The questions I want to ask are these:
1) Do you have clear written goals? that are specificand time-bound? Well, this question is not really new, in that if you've been a follower of my blog, you would have heard this overtime, infact, until you feel am repeating myself, then you've not really gotten it. Please, if your answer is no...just look for a piece of plain paper and pen and start to write 10 major goals you want to achieve before 2009 runs out,do it right now.  You'll be amazed at what this singular act will do to your motivation levels, happiness and meaning to your daily life.

2) How many self-delopement books have you read since this year?  It's not a new story that readers are leaders. But do you read?  Is it only Mills and Booms,Romance novels etc that you read?  Have you read more sports pages and Complete Sports this year than a book on personal finance?  If I should come to your house and assess your personal library, what would I find there? Hmmm...I just wonder!

3) When last did you take any serious test or examination on your course of discipline?  You see, I have come to discover that people only read when they have an examination coming up, or want to write Aptitude Test or are facing an interview...this I personally feel is very sad.  Taking a professional examination like ICAN,CIS,ICMA,ACCA,NIM helps to build your knowledge and self confidence and you'll be viewed as an authority and professional in your field.

In concluding this for now...I want to encourage you to answer these questions with sincerity and start right away....yeah right away to take action steps to correct these and be able to say "Yes" to all.  I'll see you at the top.  Stay blessed and T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E !

Recommended Reading: The Burden of Freedom, In Pursuit of Purpose( Myles Munroe), Why Ask Why, An Enemy Called Average (John Mason), Eat That Frog, Flight Plan (Brian Tracy), You Can Win (Shev Khera)

Friday, September 11, 2009


I have come to know that change only comes when we decide to take a different direction in our daily routine.  One of the definations of insanity is to keep on doing things the same way and expect to obtain a different result.  Hence, if you want to get a different result in your life, you have to do things differently.

So, to change your life forever, you have to start by defining what you really want out of life. Yeah, H.L. Hunt puts it this way : Success requires 2 things, first, you have to know exactly what you want. Second, you must determine the price that you have to pay and then get busy paying that price. See, friends, I have come to discover that we are solely responsible for all that happens to us...yeah...things are bound to happen, but how do you respond to them? 

Your attitude to life is a big determinant of your success not just what happens to you, because as you are now you carry all the potential to achieve all your goals.  Your potential is extra-ordinary...yeah...even as you are seated there.

To change your life, you have to do the following:
1) Define what you want to achieve in life, make clear, written, time-bound goals.  Your goals are very vital to your happiness and fulfilment in life.  Do you have a goal, not mere wishes or day-dreams, but a specific goal, written down that you pursue daily?

2) Determine the price to pay to get this goal and start paying it.  Is it to go for lectures, write a professional exam, go back to school?  Whatever it need to be ready to take action to get that goal.

3) Choose those you listen to on a daily basis.  What is the first thing you listen to when you wake up? As for me, after I do my morning devotion (which involves alot of singing and shouting at the top of my I love listening to Sky High on Ray Power, a 10 to 15 mins of Motivation Talk that's highly inspiring...I love to do a little reading while on the go, whether on Keke Marwa or in a friend's car. I must get so steam on my jet engine!

4) Choose your friends.  I can't over-emphasize this one. Pls, choose your friends wisely, because you are stuck with your family but you choose your friends. There are Dream-Killlers and Dream-Lifters, your friends should be your Dream-Lifters, people of like-mind as you... follow people that have dreams like you...avoid people with no dreams because they would ultimately want you to be like them,be a nobody.

5) Commit yourself to life long learning: Life long learning involves you building up a good library of quality books that ranges from motivational, personal development, career and management books.  You have to be a committed reader of books, like the saying goes, " readers are leaders", also, readers are writters. The more you read, the more you tap into ideas of great minds and like Dr Ben Carson puts have a knowledge intercourse with their minds and ideas and you become better.  Be a reader of books, Daniel in the Bible said, "I understood by books".

In concluding this for now, I'll charge with one little assignment, pick a piece of paper right now and write down 10 goals you would love to achieve before 2009 runs out, then, tomorow, go to any good bookshop around you and pick up a good book and commit to reading.  I believe you will do this.  

Till next week, Thank God It's Friday!, I'll say , I love y'all and as usual, T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E !

Recommended Reading: Wisdom Keys 101,The Assignment,The Law of Recognition (Mike Murdock)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I want to talk about a very important principle that I have come to discover changes the lives of millions of men all over the world...this principle is The Power Principle of Goal Setting.  World reknown personal and career development expert and guru, Brian Tracy in his book Goals! has the following to say:

"If I was given only five minutes to speak to you and I could convey only one thought that would help you to be more successful, I would tell you "Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day". 

The regular and systematic practice of goal setting has taken us from poverty to prosperity, from frustration to fulfilment, from underachievement to success and satisfaction.  He also said. "with goals , you fly like an arrow,straight and true to your target, without goals, you simply drift and flow on the currents of life".

"Clear goals increase your confidence, develop your competence, and boost your levels of motivation". Tom Hopkins says. " Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement".  Also, from the book Goals!, here are some things that I find very interesting:

4 reasons why people don't set goals:
1) They think goals aren't important
2) They dont know how to set goals
3) They have a fear of failure, people are afraid to set any goals at which they might fail because failure hurts and because the goals set would  serve as a measure of their success.
4) They have a fear of Rejection

Goals give you a sense of meaning and purpose. Goals give you a sense of direction. As you move toward your goals you feel happier and stronger. You feel more energized and effective. You feel more competent and confident in yourself.

In concluding this for now...take a sheet of heard me right...take a sheet of paper and write down clear goals of what you want to achieve, have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals,yearly goals, 5-year plans and 7-year plans...infact write down all the goals you intend to achieve for the next 50 years!...these are the Secrets of Great Achievers!..I believe in your dreams...

Stay blessed and T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E!!!

Recommended Reading: The Assignment(Mike Murdock), Goals (Brian Tracy)


Well at last folks, I think I have been able to fulfill my promise of yesterday to do a DD (Double Dose) of blogging.  That's what I call integrity...power to remain fixed,predictable at all times, it's when your private life matches up with your public life-Integrity or Character: that's a topic for another session of "Inspiring Moments" with John Obuku and Friends.

So far, I have come to discover that people only grow in proportion to how they have been able to develop themselves, after all the studying and reading of the higher institution is over.  Studies have shown that almost 90 % of adults don't do serious reading immediately they leave school.  The only serious reading some people have done is their last semester examination and probably G-MAT for employment purpose, since then, it has been all pleasure reading all the way...humbly...I think that's a tragedy.

The Hebrew word for knowledge is light while the Hebrew word for ignorance is darkness. Meaning the amount of knowledge one has, determines his level of light on issues of life.  I believe that there are 2 universities in life: the Academic University and Life University.  You go through the academic university in 4 to 6 years as the course duration may require while the life university is lasts through all your life.

How you develop in this Life University is purely based on how you are able to self-develop yourself. Self Development is a process whereby one engage his mind, energy and time in studying personal development books,motivational books, attending seminars, listening to mentorship tapes and developing a habitual lifestyle of learning-life long learning.

In concluding for now...the real education is what you learn after you have forgotten what you were taught in school.  Till next time friends, TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading: Goals (Brian Tracy)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hello dear friend, wow! You are welcome to a very unique day in the year and in the next 92 years. Today is the last day in which a single digit is repeated thrice in the calenda, the next time will be in January 1, 2101 and in the next millenium January 1, 3001.  Wow! So relish the uniqueness of  today.

Personally, for me, the number 9 represent Fruitfulness in Scriptures, so I would like to interprete today,09/09/2009 as Fruitfulness Cube or Fruitfulness times 3 or Fruitfulness raise to the power of three. I would be praying for 3-fold fruitfulness in all spheres of my life. So shall it be!

Now back to the discussion we started yesterday.  Pls take especial note:

7 Things To Get to Your Future

4) Plans: You must have clearly defined plans written down in black and white...yeah...clearly written down on paper.  The devil only kills those without a plan, why do I say so? The Kingdom Manual tells us that " though a plan may tarry wait for it, it would come to pass, it would not fail".  It also says "the heart of a man deviseth his ways but the Lord directs his paths".  By having clearly defined plans written down on paper, you are giving God what to direct. Popular wisdom advises " he who fails to plan, plans to fail".

5) People: Birds of the same feather flock together. Show me your friends and I'll tell you how you would ultimately end, because we become like those we admire. You cannot acheive your dream alone,you need people because no man has it all.  There are Dream-Lifters and Dream-Killers. Move away from Dream-killers---they revile you,despise your passions and dreams, don't ...pls don't share your dreams with them.  Look for Dream-Lifters---they celebrate your dream, they believe in you, they believe you can fly. Seek out these in your life...funny as it may seems, both are already in your life. You are stuck with your family but choose your friends wisely.

6) Persistence: Persistence is the ability to move ahead inspite of the opposition.  It's the staying-ability to forge ahead despite the storm,obstacles or obstructions that may be thrown at you. Only the persistent get what they demand from life.  If you want to get to your future, develop and unwavering ability to be persistent. Dr Mike Murdock said on his Morning Motivation of Saturday 5th Sept. 2009, "Keep the Spirit of a Finisher, anyone can start a marathon, only champions finish the race. II Tim. 4:7.

7) Prayer: You need a daily communion with the giver of your dream.  Your dreams should be so big that they scare you, so you will need to run to God to give you the strength to run the grace. You need great grace for the race of life. Develop a daily habit of talking with God and hearing from him, through studying the Kingdom Manual (Bible), coupled with occasionally prayer and fasting. You will get there.

Wow!...I hope you are blessed. I am.  I believe in that dream, I beleive in that school you want to establish, I believe in that blue-chip business that is still in the recess of your minds... Please don't go to the grave with my goods, release them!  I love y'all and TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended reading: The Burden of Freedom, In Pursuit of Purpose(Myles Munroe), 31 Secrets of Career Success (Mike Murdock), and Reposition Yourself (T.D. Jakes)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There are certain principles if diligently followed guarantees success in life.  John C. Maxwell defines Success as " discovering your potential and fulfilling it, inspiring others on how to discover and maximize theirs".  Principles are establised laws that are always true no matter where they are applied, they are tested truths that stays the same irrespective of the situation.

Through research and from listening to profound speakers and great motivational/inspirational speakers over the last few years, from 2001 to be precise, I have come to discover 7 Principles for getting to your future.  These are things that when properly applied, guarantees success, in the true defination of the world.

7 Things to Get To Your Future

1) Purpose: Purpose is the original intent for manufacturing a thing. It is the reason for the creation of a product by the manufacturer. Everything God created has a purpose, everything that man has created so far, has a purpose.  Your eyes see, your ears hears, hands are for holding and writing, your nose for breathing.  It is very very vital to your success in life if you can clearly answer the question : What is your purpose? To know your purpose, go to the manufacturer-God. "When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable"...Myles Munroe.

2) Passion:  Passion is a feeling that is stronger than death.  It's the drive of your life, it's something that causes you to take action ,it wakes you up every morning because there's this strong push for acheivement.  Passion is what you love doing and does it even when money is not involved. Your passions are a pointer to your purpose. What are that things that you would rather do for free...something you just love doing? That my friend is one of your passions.

3) Potential: Potential is the latent ability, what you are but have not yet attain,it is unused strength, unattained success,it's the great man in the little boy,it's the awesome woman in the prostitute,it's the great gospel artiste in the choir-member,it is the tree in the twig,it's the fruit in the seeds. It means power. The greatest discovery of your life is when you discover your potential, release it, and maximise it.

We'll continue tomorow....TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading : Understanding Your Potential,Releasing Your Potential and Maximise Your Potential (Myles Munroe),The Assignment,The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life (Mike Murdock)


Hello friends, it's so good knowing that you're there reading my blog posts, You are my Dream-lifters! life we have  Dream-lifters and Dream-killers!  Someday, we'll talk about them...infact I'll do a Double Dose(DD) today, just to make up for yesterday's absence.

Continuing on our discussion on The Power Principle of Time, I have come to know, that when people respect your time, they will respect your wisdom.  The currency of this world is time...infact time is so important that literally everything we do on earth is time-based. Your job is time based, your age is time based, the calenda is time based, even eternity that is a period that is actually endless is still qualified as time-less, see, time is still mentioned there!.

So, I want to ask a thought provoking question of this sort: "what do you do with your time?", after working hours, what do you do with your time?  What's your idea of leisure?  Do you keep your appointments?  If we are to fix a meeting for 4.00 pm, will you be there 3.45 pm or 4.45 pm?...hmm...I just wonder. 

See, friends, I have come to realise that people judge you most of the time by your respect of time...yeah! shocking as it seems and as trivial as you may put it...people describe you and form an opinion about you with your respect to time.  If you think am tripping, come to work 10.00 am for 5 days...then you'l tell me the story.

In concluding for the now...I love to say this " Time is the currency of life, everybody is blessed with a fresh dose of it everyday...the amount of hours you have in a day is the amount of useful ones used to develop yourself for your glorious future".  Your thoughts and comments are welcome and highly treasured. I love y'all, and TAKE CHARGE!

Friday, September 4, 2009

THINK BIG! - Keys to Success (Part 3)

Hello friends, hope you were inspired by the earlier post today, since today is friday, I've decided to make it a double dose of "Inspiring Moments" with John Obuku.  Now let us finish what we started two days ago; the concluding part of Dr Ben Carson's THINK BIG  acronym for success in ones choosen field of endeavour and life in general. The excerpts from the book Gifted Hands:

Knowledge is the key to independent living.  The key to all your dreams, hopes and apirations  If you are knowledgeable, particularly more knowledgeable than anybody else in a field, you become invaluable and write your own ticket.

I emphasize that active leaning from reading is better than passive learning such as listening to lectures or watching television.  When you read, your mind must work by taking in letters and connecting them to form words. Words make themselves into thoughts and concepts.  Developing good reading habits is something like being a champion weightlifter.  The champion didn't go into the gym one day and start lifting 500 pounds.  He toned his muscles,beginning with lighter weights, always building up, preparing for more.  It's the same thing with intellectual feats.  We develop our minds by reading, by thinking, by figuring out things for ourselves.

Superficial learners cram for exams but know nothing two weeks later.  In-depth learners find that the acquired knowledge becomes a part of them.  They understand more about themselves and their world.  They keep building on prior understanding by piling on new information.

Never get too big for God.  Never drop God out of your life

Wow! At last, I think the learned Professor summed it up the way I would really have loved to, never , never get too big for God or think that you can achieve anything significant and end well without the Manufacturer of your soul.  He is God and most especially, He's our father, our source, the giver of that burining dream in your heart.

And here's what He's got to say to that your burning desire...YOU CAN MAKE IT...IT IS REAL...GO FOR IT!...YOU CANNOT FAIL. So friends, henceforth, start living the THINK BIG! Life style...stay blessed and TAKE CHARGE!


Good day friends, I will like to rush this thought to you before we continue our discussion on THINK BIG. I have come to know that anything significant can only be achieved if The Power Principle of Time is strictly adhered to. 

The currency of the world is time...You are paid in your job for the time you spend there, if you come late, you are querried orally, if it becomes a persistent and consistent habit, you are given an official querry that you must answer, and that in itself is derogatory to your profile. 

Dr Mike Murdock once said "Someone who does not respect your time will not respect your wisdom".  The proof of relationship and love is an investment of time...relationships will be severed and withered if there is disrespect of time...the depth of love in a relationship is measured in terms of time spent together.

You can only do well in something you love if you invest enough time in it.  Every great feat that had been achieved in history are as a result of volumnuous investment of time.  I want to ask you, "what do you spend most of your time on?  What consumes your time the most?  After working hours how do you spend your time?...I just wonder.

In concluding this series for now...I'll love to say this " Disregard of the power principle of time is disregard of your glorious and awesome future"....Stay connected and as I usually say...TAKE CHARGE!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

THINK BIG- Keys to Success (Part 2)

Good day  friends, wow! always excited whenever I have the priviledge to write on this blog knowing that you'll read and be blessed by it...yeah...very very excited. Words can't really describe the great feelings of estacy and humility that fills me right now. Thanks for visiting.

This website was created with you in mind. Shiv Khera in his best selling book "You Can Win" defined Motivation as " to encourage and inspire,igniting the spark of action and the motive for action",this website is about that, and I hope I'll be able to inspire you into action and take that step, that leap, that significant move you've been postponing for sometime, and create something of great significance that would benefit the whole world.

Yeah, now back to the topic we started yesterday, THINK BIG by Dr Ben Carson, our world reknown neuro-surgeon, so let's get some of the excerpts from the book Gifted Hands:

H also = HONESTY
When you do anything dishonest you must do something else dishonest to cover up, and your life becomes hopelessly complex.  The same with telling lies.  If you're honest, you don't have to remember what you said the last time.  Speaking the truth each time makes life amazingly simple.

Listen and learn from people who have already been where you want to go.  Benefit from their mistakes instead of repeating them.  Read good books like the Bible because they open up new worlds of understanding.

Be nice to people-- all people. If you're nice to people, they'll be nice to you.  It takes much less energy to be nice than it does to be mean.  Being kind,friendly, and helpful takes less energy and relieves much of he pressure.

In concluding this part for now...(we'll round it up tomorow)...I'd love to say this, "your daily habits and routines should be moving you towards your goals and vision for your life, what have you been doing since this week that significantly contributes to your future?"....THINK BIG! and TAKE CHARGE!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THINK BIG! -The Secret to Success

I just picked a book recently,by now you all know am a voracious reader, I love books, good quality books. The title is Gifted Hands by the world reknowned Ben Carson M.D., the first man to successfully separate a Siamese twins.  He said some things that I would like to share with you, I find it very very profound and informative and these are what I love us to talk about today.

A little boy asked him, " what is the key to your success?" and here is what he said: "it wasn't a new question. I'd heard it so many times that I finally worked out an acrostic (acronym) answer. He then said to the boy "Think Big". Think Big is an acronym for 10 key steps for success, according to this highly reputable doctor, and 10 in scriptures means Completeness...I find this very profound and informative.

Learn to recognise and accept your God-given talents (and we all have them). Develop those talents and use them in the career you choose. Remembering T for talents puts you  far ahead of the game if you take advantage of what God gives you.

T aslo = TIME
Learn the importance of time. When you are always on time, people can depend on you.  You prove your trustworthiness.  Learn not to waste time, because time is money and time is effort.  Time usage is also a talent. God gives some the people the ability to manage time. The rest of us have to learn how. And we can!

Don't go around with a long face,expecting something bad to happen. Anticipate good things, watch for them.

In concluding this for now...I'll say this, according to our Manual (which is actually a Kingdom Document),from our Manufacturer(our creator,our father, God), "for as he thinks in his heart, so is he.." other tranlations put it as "as a man thinketh so is he" Prov 23:7. Do you Think Big of yourself?.  TAKE CHARGE!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is another important factor that actually determines how far we go in life. Drives are what fuels our actions, the reason why we do certain things, it could also be defined as passion. Your drive in life will tell me your purpose, it would indicate the centre of what you are all about. So, I ask, what drives your life?

Is your drive money,(yeah that's a big one), is your drive based on how much wealth you can gather? Is your drive just based on the fact that you want to become a millionaire? Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo said "the proof of burning desire is the actions you carry out". Your drive wakes you up in the morning, your drive is that thing you habitually do, that if you've not done for a day, you feel as if your sick. Your drive determines when you go to bed and when you wake up.

You should be sincere with yourself and really sit down and define your drives. For instance, my drives are music, Gospel music, I can't do without listening to Sammie Okposo, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Juanita Bynum,Women of Faith,Cece Winnans,Bene Winnans and a host of others everyday, yeah, you heard me rigth everyday!

And also, Motivational tapes from Myles Munroe, T.D. Jakes,Matthew Ashimolowo,Brain Tracy, John C. Maxwell etc. Wow! Boy! These things are my daily drives...I can't do without singing on top of my voice every morning...Jesus I can't do without that...these are my drives, they fire me up for the task ahead of each day!

Friends, find your drive and experience a new sense of living and direction for all you do, and I'll like to close this talk with the words of Dr Mike Murdock( King Solomon of our time) "Loneliness is the absence of direction"....I believe in your dream...TAKE CHARGE!


Today is a significant day, it's the first day of the last quarter of the year 2009 A.D. I think it's a very significant day because any wise individual should sit down and access his or her progress for the first two quarters of the year. Have you achieve all you've set out to do? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you score yourself in terms of attainment of personal and corporate goals?

I believe every 1st of every month should be used as a period of "Inward Analysis" because someone once said..."an unexamined life is a useless life to life". So, one of the most fundamental ways in which one examines his or her life is to ask this question: What have I acheived for today? What did I acheive in the past week,month,quarter and year? I believe we should be ever improving and moving forward towards our goals and aspirations in life.

Now, back to the topic on discussion, "What is your purpose?"...this like I said yesterday is one of the most fundamental questions you would ever ask yourself in life. There are many ways to identify your purpose in life. According to Dr Mike Murdock, your purpose is the same thing as your assingment and he said "You are here on Assignment. Everything God created is a solution to a problem. Your eyes see. Your ears hear. Mothers solve emotional problems. Dentists solve teeth problems. Lawyers solve legal problems. Accountants solve tax and financial reporting problems."

I would love to end this post with this, still from the Solomon of our generation, Dr Mike Murdock, "Your assignment on the earth is to solve a problem for somebody, somewhere and receive a reward for it".

There are businesses hidden within you, schools and higher institutions of learning within you, there are Cybercafes and beauty houses within you. Only discover them and bring them alive to this physical earth. Don't deny me of my goods and blessings that you carry! Please...dont leave a long ripe old age on earth without fulfilling your purpose because buried within you are treasures unlimited. Wow! you are too loaded that if God should tell you what you carry you will not believe.

I believe in your assignment, find it and let's enjoy the sweet fruit that it bears and it would definately bless the whole world. Take charge!