Monday, November 23, 2009


Hello friends, another wondeful week, though it's billed to be a brief one, due to the upcoming holiday. I wish you all a stress-free and fun-filled week.  There is another power principle that I want us to deliberate about today,it's the power of possibility thinking.  Throughout these series you would by now be acquinted with the power of your thoughts, the power of visualization and having a goals or dreams for your life. 

This power principle of possibility thinking has it's roots in the strangest secret in the world which is " you become what you think".  This means we are guided by our thoughts, because our thoughts originates from our ideas.  So I ask : what are your ideas, what are the dominant thoughts that rule your mind?  Your present realities are as a result of the dominant thoughts in your mind.  Earl Nightingale said "you are where you are because that's where you really want to be, even though you deny it". 

Possibility Thinking is seeing the good in everything that happens to you.  It is looking for opportunities in the obstacles.  It looking for creative ways to go round a present challenge.  Possibility thinkers then to look for the good in everything that happens to them, and they do find them!  On the other hand, Impossibility Thinkers do exactly the opposite!  No wonder they always see negativism being reflected in their lives.

Your thoughts becomes your realities.  You become what occupies your mind most of the time, because actions originates from thoughts in our minds that becomes so strong that we eventually act on them.  Remember the words from the Bible, "as a man thinketh so is he", this is at the bottom of the principle of possibility thinking.  The possiblity thinker ponders on the realization of his dreams, he has hopes and expects to get the results he's looking for, and eventually he carries out actions, and things most of the time falls into place to give him exactly what he desires.  Remember the strangest secret in the world.

So friends, what are your dominant thoughts? Becareful because you might just see them in your life!  Instead of thinking negative, think positive.  Instead of saying "I don't think I can become rich", say "I know I will definately become rich". There is power in positive confessions, because the Father will confirm the words of our mouth.  The ancient text also says "death and life are in the power of the tongue and he that loveth it will eat of it's fruits" be careful on what you say and think about, this is very vital, very very vital.

Just believe and succeed!  You can get that goal you are pursuing, it is possible.  You can get that admission it is possible, people that have gone ahead of you and that have it, are humans like you.  In order to develop a possibility thinking mentality, the following are my suggestions:

1) Listen to mentorship tapes daily.  Intense listening to motivational/inspirational tapes cannot be over-emphasized.  It is said that intense listening to motivational and self development tapes is equal to university education.

2) Read personal development books daily.  The principal ingredient for empowerment is knowledge.  Personal development and leadership books form an important part of your personal library.  Books maketh the man, books shapes the man and books gives drive for your goals and aspirations.

3) Make positive confessions to yourself everyday.  Wake up everyday and pray to God then bless yourself by saying positive things to yourself.  You can look in the mirror and beginning to say to yourself "I am blessed, I capture what I picture, I picture success and possibilities to all my endeavours and I'm blessed by God".  These are powerful internal motivators that would spur you to peak performance for your day.

4) Believe that all things will work together for your good.   Believe that your life is in the hands of the Supreme Being, our Father, and He has good thoughts for you, thoughts of peace, of  hope and that He will give you an expected end.  Have this settled deep within you that God desires the good for you out of every situation.

5) Develop your personal relationship with God.  He is our manufacturer and He alones holds our future in His hands.  God is not worried about your future, infact, your future is God's past! He is in control.

There are so much possibilities for you if only you can see them...think and act positive in all situations knowing that ultimately YOU WILL WIN!  S-T-A-Y  C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D!

Recommended Reading : Moving Ahead With Possibility Thinking (Robert A. Schuller)

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