Thursday, November 12, 2009

THE POWER OF IDEAS : Unlocking the greatest power in the Universe

Everything you see around you is as a result of an idea.  The world we live in, the vast expanse of space and the beauty of the oceans and the depths of the sea, are all products of an idea in the mind of God!  You see, to change your life, all you really need is an ideaThe difference between you and your desired future in an idea.  What is that million dollar idea that you have been nursing for so long?

It may be an idea to establish a school.  It may be an idea to establish a business centre or a cyber cafe? It maybe for you to go to the studio and wax your own CDs and VCDs of your song or movie! Funny enough, most ideas look foolish when they first come to your mind, or they look somewhat impossible to achieve given the present circumstances; but believe me friends, you only need a working idea to turn your life around. 

I have come to notice that God speaks to us most of the time through ideas. The air planes, the telephones, electricity and the automobile are all products of ideas in the minds of men that they gave them chance to be nutured and birthed into lifeThe ideas in your mind could actually be the solution to critical problems of our world, but are you bold enough to nuture them to life?  Be bold. God gave it to you and He will make provisions for their fulfillment.

Imagine Bill Gates kiling the Microsoft idea through inaction, imagine Thomas Edison giving up on the idea of the incandescent light bulb, imagine the Wright Brothers killing the idea of the aeroplane, imagine Isaac Newton giving up on his wonderful inventions,imagine Wale Adenuga giving up on his Super Story,Papa Ajasco and PEFTI ideas, imagine Larry Izamoje  not giving the idea of Brila FM a chance to be born?  I wonder what the world would be like by now... I just wonder!

So please friends, wake up to the ideas that God has given to youTake a chance and give birth to your dreams.  Nothing is as satisfying as a brain child...absolutely nothing.  Seeing your idea come to life and blossoming is one of the greatest fulfilment that surpasses monetary compensation.  A wise saying goes that "it is more honourable to try and fail than never try anything and succeed at it"

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