Friday, November 20, 2009


Hello friends, it's a beautiful day! And thank God it's Friday!  The world is full of mysteries,principles and laws that governs how well we live.  You might be wondering by now, why does John loves talking about principles, laws, secrets and formulars for success? Hmm, worry no more because I've found from research that by asking the right questions, you will get the right answers.  You are where you are today because of the questions you've asked so far. 
Life will give you the answers if only you ask the right questions.
The Law of Recognition states that "everything you need in life is already around you waiting for your recognition".  Everything you will ever need to succeed in life and to achieve whatever goals and plans you've set for yourself is already around you waiting for you to recognize and utilize them.  Most of our needs and wants are already built into the people and things that surrounds our daily lives, you just have to recognize and maximize them.

One of the mistakes we make is judging a book by it's cover, that is to say, we overlook and underestimate the abilities and capabilities of things and people around us.  Built in that your friend is a great leader,partner and supporter of your vision.  You have people around you that can be very good business partners.  Around you are great music talents that you can develop,refine and harness for mutual benefits in terms of impact,fame and fortune.

One of the latest happenings that buttresses the law of recognition  is the current demands for antique materials like old pendulum clock-believed to have magnetic value of some sort that could avoid radar and sensor detection;old coca-cola bottle-believed to be made of pure crystal; Nokia 3310-believed to have same magnetic properties etc.  All these attest to the fact that we have gold around us but we don't know it.  I believe in your family house there are antique items of immense economic value, if only you can recognize them.

This law is far reaching than we could ever imagine, there are businesses that are around you waiting for your recognition.  One way of making money is by solving a problem for someone, there are problems in Nigeria, which one of them are you solving? Look at a problem and create a business out of it by providing a solution to it, then you will be on you way to wealth and success.  There is no crowd at the top because only few men are willing to pay the price of success.  The price of success is hardwork, risk and leap of faith called action!

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Recommended Reading: The Law of Recognition (Mike Murdock),Start With What You Have (Sam Adeyemi)

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