Friday, March 16, 2018


Hello friends, its been quiet a while since I update my blog. So much has happened over thee years. I have grown, matured and still maturing in certain aspects ofy life. Since today is my birthday just thought I should renew the passion to write on this blog, I've been doing so much on Facebook, so much. So what are the thoughts that I want to pass across to you? Hmmm, they are so many. I will try and be concise ; ~try and have a relationship with God. This is the most singular thing that is guaranteed to transform your life forever ~ Read and study materials that develop your mental alertness and your IQ in general. Thr ore you know the more you can help others, the more you can teach your children. ~ Find your purpose in Life. Fine something big enough to live and die for. Make an impact on this earth. If I should type your name into Google Search Engine, what would be the search results ? What are you about? What legacy are you setting and leaving behind? These and many more you should be and do. Be a better version of yourself as the years go by. I will see you at the top. Recommended Reading : Understanding your Potential by Myles Munroe; Goals by Brian Tracy.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Everyone wants to be great but how many are willing to pay the price of greatness? For any thing that you want to achieve in life you need Desire,Determination, Destination,Decision and overcome Distractions. I call them "the 5 D's" of achieving greatness. The first and foremost requirement of greatness is the you muat have a burning desire. You don't have a burning desire if you sleep from 10 pm to 6 am! You don't have a burning desire if you don't continuously think about your goals ans ways of achieving them. Your burning desire for something should keep you awake late into the night and be able to wake you early. All great men rise up early. You have to be totally determined in your mind and spirit that you will achieve greatness. Success should be your only option. Don't give any thought of failure; your attitude should be- I will succeed and be great or I will succeed and be great. Let your mind have the win-win attitude. Remember the law of attraction which states "you constantly attract to your life your most dominant thoughts,thoughts become things! So think of ONLY success and greatness. You have to have clear sense of direction; where are you headed in life? What are your goals? Can you show me on demand the book where you have clearly spelt out your life goals? The devil can only kill a man without goals! Why? Because that man is not motivated to do anything, he lives his life without care and caution, he sleeps and wakes up like a wild animal: so sense of direction, just waiting for the next meal. Get goals,clarify your life and get greatness. The single most important factor for greatness is decision! You decided to take your precious time to read this article, you could have decided something else. You life changes the moment you decide to take a decision. Humans are known to be the only beings to change their lives by a change in mental attitude. Make the decision to be great and you will achieve it. Make great decisions, make great plans and Act on them. You cannot fail! Avoid distractions on the road to success. The reason men fail is broken focus- Mike Murdock. You must face distractions on the road to success,so make up your mind tk overcome everyone of them. Stay focus on your goals of greatness,stay focus of the plans you have mapped out as strategies for achieving your greatness and the world would open its doors to you. Even angels cannot refuse a determined and focussed soul. I see you succeed. I see you achieve greatness and I see you at the top. Recommended Reading: The Principles and Power of Vision (Myles Munroe),Goals (Brian Tracy), and Becoming A Leader (Myles Munroe)

Friday, November 14, 2014


Hello friends, It's been quiet a while,and like I always say, welcome to another time of "Inspiring Moments" with John Obuku on the net! Ha ha ha! It's good to be back again. Today, we will be talking about the all important issue of "making,managing and multiplying money". It is so so crucial that one gets the issue of money sorted out so one can live a healthy,happy and fulfilled life. When it comes to the issue of having multiple streams on income, everyone seems to be interested and I know that's one of the main reasons you're reading this post right want to be financially free and get this issue of "no cash" sorted out once and for all. Notice what I said earlier on, the important issue about money is this: you have to learn 'how to make' money, then you have to learn 'how to manage money' and lastly you have to be knowledgeable on 'how to multiply' money. So, it's not just enough to know how to earn the money but the management and multiplication of money is even the money vital. It is the issue of your mindset about wealth about riches. Becoming a millionaire or billionaire is really a thing of the mindset one is operating with, please, don't be in so much a hurry while reading this posts; you might be saying, "come on John, give us the simple steps to having multiple streams of income", and I will say " hold on guys, let's take this very easy". The question is this,do you have the millionaires' mindset? The summary of it is that you have to develop skills that would enable you to be able to make (earn) money, manage the money and multiply the money. These my friends are the principles we have to look at in these sit back,brace yourself for a wonderful and "money-full" ride, Lol. Take Charge! Recommended Reading: Start With What You Have(Sam Adeyemi),Increasing Your financial IQ(Robert Kiyosaki)

Friday, December 14, 2012

THE LAW OF AVERAGES: Pursuing success amidst failures

There is a law of averages and it states that "in other to have a good number of successes, you have to experience a good number of failures", if for instance, you can score 3 goals out of 10 shots on target, then to score 6 goals, you have to hit 20 shots on target. In relation to success, for you to succeed more, you have to double your rate of failure. Many people want to be sucessful, but what is keeping them for their desired success is "the fear" of failure and not "the failure" in itself. I have come to know experientially that you only succeed in as many times that you're willing to fail, it's not that you really go in there to fail but the attitude of mind is that "no matter what, am going to work it out until I succeed". Many great inventions in history have similar stories of unwavering faith in their belief for their efforts to succeed that amidst seemingly impossible situations, they moved ahead with their plans, and ultimately recorded great successes. Your success in life hinges on your ability to move ahead despite the obstacles before you. Your success in life hinges greatly on your ability to look past your failures and see the light at the end of the tunnel and realise that you can and will succeed only if your hang on. Your dreams are too real to let go, those dreams that won't go away was placed there by God. You will succeed if only you will not fear failure but go ahead, if you fail or fall, get up, dust yourself and try and again, and again and again, till you succeed. You see, the universe will give to you anything will want if you are forceful,determined and work hard enough to bring it to past. I want to encourage you today to start all over again and give that your dream another shot, you will be surprised that you'll make it, that impossible door may just need one last blow to crack it and send it crumbling down, so do not quit. You will succeed! Go ahead and believe in yourself and trust God to do it for you. Write that professional exam, take that interview,enroll for that course, you are guaranteed to succeed! Take charge! Recommend Reading: Failing Forward ( John .C. Maxwell),Acres of Diamond ( Russell Conwell)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The most important things that keeps one going and gives meaning to life are the lofty dreams in your heart. Nothing really excites you and gives you motivation and zest for living as a worthy goal that your heart is set on achieving. The question now is, do you have dreams that you've abandoned? Dreams that were once very strong in your heart but due to the vissicitudes of life you've abandoned them? I want to encourage you to look deep within and see if there are such in your life. The most tragic thing that can happen to a man is to find out later in life that he would have been successful in acheiving anything he desired had he taken the courage to pursue them. We have nowadays, old men who are bitter about their youthful age and look back at what would have been had they pursue their dreams, do you want to grow old and look back and regret that you never pursued those things that would really have given you joy and fulfillment? What are the excuses you're using today to put off those dreams? At first, we complain about not having enough time: we are too busy with our studies when we were in secondary school and too young, we are too busy with our advanced studies as undergraduates in univestities and polytechnics, we are busy serving our father land during the National Youth Service, we then get into the big-pay job and find out we still don't have enough time because we just have to deliver on the job, we then find our sweetheart and get married, raise kids and all the committments and responsibilities that goes with it! All these while still stuck with the same old excuse of "no time". Eventually, we now find that we are above 40 and approaching our 50's and we look back at what would have been. There are bitter old men who look back at their past youthful age and look and are sad that they failed to pursue and live their dreams! Don't allow that to happen to you! My brotherly advice is summarized like this :- 1) Pick up your dreams books, and dust it properly 2) Get inspired again by going through them and setting new,bigger and higher goals; because the more loftier your goal, the more it inspires you. 3) Trust God to give you the strength to go after it resolutely, like Winston Churchill said 'Never,never,never give up'. 4) Do something daily to that takes you towards your dreams. If you want to be a writer, write at least a page a day;if you're a singer/composer/instrumentalist practice everday! I want to state here without any doubt in my heart that I believe in your dreams! You will succeed! God is on your side! Take charge! Recommended Reading: The Leadership Secrets of Jesus( Mike Murdock), Goals ( Brian Tracy)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Life, like most of us would have found out now, is very very challenging, especially as an adult. The care-free attitude of childhood and adolescent is past and now we are faced with the reality of adulthood that "responsibility" is a vital aspect of life. You are responsible for getting gainfully employed,staying employed, managing your relationship with people and meeting up with your obligations to your family and loved ones. You truly cannot shift the buck here, you have to take up the task of doing certain things because now, the baton has been passed to you from your parents. Most of us now in adulthood realised that we have more pressing needs towards "others" than our personal wants or needs. You'll find out that you have to deny yourself somethings if you truly want to be responsible to others. And if you truly and really want to be a responsible adult, you've got to really be selfless and ready to sacrifice your personal agenda for those of others to whom you're responsible. You remember those days when you used to depend on one uncle to give you more for your textbooks,school lecture hand-outs and project moneys? Hmm? I bet you do. Now that you're an adult how well are you faring in meeting up with your own 'obligations' to your siblings? Suddenly, you realise that you're now the uncle your little nieces and nephews look up to for "settlement". And I tell you, adulthood, and "uncle-hood and aunty-hood" do come very unexpectedly. Yeah, you suddenly found yourself working in a bank or one of the thriving finance institutions and people now look at you as "the guy hold cash" or "him don hammer", but you know that you're just trying to make way for yourself. I know this sounds familiar. Here are a few brotherly advice I have: 1) Keep it real, don't try to impress anybody, be original and don't live larger than what you're really worth. You're not competing with anybody. 2) Try and give the much you can. Be truthful and underpromise but overdeliver. 3) Be generous, treat the person the way you would want to be treated knowing how much you have? Now that you're in that "uncle/aunty-shoe", how much would you give your sibling from the amount of cash in your bank account? Be truthful and be generous. 4) Pray to God to increase your resources so that you can give more in future. You're blessed. Recommended Reading: The Leadership Secrets of Jesus ( Mike Murdock)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In life, there are always defining moments, and yours comes when you decide that you're fed-up of your present circumstances and you want something different: When you decide to take a stand for what you believe and what you really want in your life! No great achievement in life will come through any other route. You just have to come to the point when you say, enough is enough and you want something different and you want to get what you have been dreaming about for some many years. You see,friends, it doesn't matter how lofty your dreams are, if you fail to get to that position when you take a resolute,confident and stubborn stand for what you really want, nothing real would happen. What are those dreams that you've been keeping in the "pipeline" for years? What are those visions,projects that are have been and still burning in your heart, that you would really love to establish and accomplish? I want to announce to you that they are REAL, you're dreams are TRUE. The question really is, do you have the courage to establish them? What price are you willing to pay to see them come to pass? No matter how big your dreams are, God is bigger than them! No matter how crazy and seemingly impossible they appear, God can surpass them! No matter how long it's been on your mind, God can bring it to pass with just one phone call! No matter how cashless,helpless and hopeless it seems, God is there to fulfill it! Just believe! Just believe in Him, the only thing He really requires from you is your believe that He can do ALL things for you and fulfill all your dreams and give you the desired future of your dreams! You will make it! You'll not fail! Recommended Reading: You Can Will ( Shev Khiera), Inspiring Moments (John Obuku)