Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is one of the most motivating words we have heard throuhgout history and how true these words are!  I have come to know that life gives to the persistent man what he wants.  You'll never make any significant impact without having the winner's mentality!  Yeah, there is a mentality for the winner and the same is true for the looser!  What are the projects that you have been pursuing and have relented due to obstacles on your way?

The act of winning is one that the individual has to settle in his heart that he has gotten the victory already, that failure is not an option.  Disreali said "everything comes if only a man will wait,I've brought myself by long meditation to the conviction that human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it and nothing can resist a human being who even stakes his existence for it's fulfilment".  The winner has a believing attitude while losers have the doubting attitude-they question their abilities to succeed in life.

Don't quit!...it might just be that last blow that would finally crack the nut of your success.  Don't quit!...It might just be that final dig that would expose the oil well you've been looking for all your life.  Don't quit because persevering is the only route to success!  You only get to your success by hanging on, holding on and keeping on!  Don't accept failure because you are destined for success!

On the road to success you'll find people and things that would distract and discourage you but know this, the fact that you are facing opposition is proof that you will succeed!  Get like-minds that have dreams, follow people that are going somewhere, know that God is determined to fulfill your destiny.  Afterall He's the giver of that destiny! You didn't create yourself, he formed you and custom-made you for your assignment. Know that your assignment is geographical and to a particular set of people.

Know this, you are unstoppable!  You are the best for your assignment! Nobody else can fulfill it better than you!  You are a solution to a problem that's why God located you where you are! Winston Churchill was called to a make a very important speech in an event he stood up said "never never never give up" and went back to his sit--that was one of his greatest speeches.

Keep holding on and never give up, you will succeed!

Recommended Reading: Winners Never Quit,Quitters Never Win! (Robert H. Schuller)

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