Friday, November 6, 2009

INWARD ANANLYSIS: How knowledgeable are you today than Jan 1st this year?

Hello friends, as part of our self-evaluation exercise as the year pulls to an end (actually, it doesn't really matter what time of the year in which you are reading this)  one of the greatest exercise that would be most beneficial to you and your dream is the process of taking specific time intervals during the course of the year to re-evaluate and re-assess our progress so far as regards our goals and objectives- this is what I call The Inward Analysis.  It is very vital. So I ask again, are you more knowledgeable now than you were January 1st this year?

How many books have you bought, how many have you read and how  many have you practicalized? If I should look at your library, what type of books will I see there?  How many professional exams have you taken, have you up-graded yourself beyond your Bsc,HND  or whatever you degree you started with this year? Are you a better person than you were at the start of this year that is running to an end?

These questions might jolt you to thinking real hard and deep, and truly that's my motive.  I want you to be true to yourself and assess all the "new year resolutions" you made as at 31 December last year and line them up with your achievements for this year...How much progress have you made?  Now, many contigencies and dissappointments might have occurred at certain points during the year but the most important thing I believe is how much consistency and persistence you showed inspite of these setbacks.  Persistence is defined as the consistent insistence that you deserve what you desire.   The reason why people fail in life is because they give up too soon, at the point of hitting the jack pot, they quit.

A yound boy once acted Socrates,our world reknown greek philosopher, he said "what is the key to success?".  Socrates told him to meet him close to a particular river early the next morning.  So the next day they met there. Socrates told the boy to follow him side by side into the river, as they move further into the river and the water got deeper and deeper up to their neck level, Socrates then submerged the boy into the water and held him in a vice-like grip.  The boy struggled and struggled for his life but Socrates was very strong.  The boy struggled till he was turning pink and white, then Socrates released him.  When they got out of the water. Socrates then asked him, " what was on your mind when you were underneath the water?", the boy answered " Air, I wanted to breathe air". Socrates then said "there is no secret to success, you will have success when you wanted it as desperately as you wanted air".

The story above is a classic demonstration of persistence and drive, if you really want to achieve your goals, you must be very passionate,persistent and a feeling of I-need-it-like-air attitude, because life gives you what you demand not what you wishWishes are in our minds, dreams are in our minds and clearly written down on paper.  The successful man is the man who refuses to give up on his dreams.  No matter how many failures you have encountered, you will only succeed if you stay on and keep on holding on your dream.  You have a dominion spirit that is from God that can soar like the eagle over any circumstances.

When you keep on with your dream, even angels will come over and stop all obstacles on your way and tell them to give you what you want because you are desperate about it like you need to breathe air!  The top is not  crowded, there is space at the top!  Common let's climb the ladder of success there is no competition at the top! You can make it ! Only believe! Take action ! Make that move! You're a champion!

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