Friday, October 30, 2009


The issue of money is one that is not really thought in our schools yet we all leave school and are faced with stark reality of heavy financial responsibilities and with the big question " will I make it in life? will I be a financial success?".  These are real issues that everyone of us is faced with on our daily adult lives. There are some principles about money that you need to know. These principles when strictly adhered to will produce results in your life that would first of all change your attitude towards money before they now change your financial state.

Principles are sets of rules that function everywhere they are applied, they are time tested rules which function no matter the situation.  The Law of gravity is a principle that keeps everybody on this planet from falling into space, because the earth is actually spherical and some people are on top while some others are below, but those below also feel as if they are on top.  If you jump up, it is gravity that pulls you down, if you think you are anointed and jump off a 3 storey building, you will be met with "concrete justice". So also are the laws of finance, if you disobey them, financial quagmire is your portion.

Robert Kiyosaki said "what makes people rich is not their fat bank accounts, investment in stocks,bonds, high salary job but it is financial intelligence, it is the know-how of the function of money that makes someone rich".  The rich are getting richer because they solve their money problems by being smarter and employing people that are smarter to help them out, while the poor get poorer because they never learn how to solve their money problems and get into greater debt in order to solve their money problems.

If you are really serious about financial freedom you must take the issue of Financial Education  very seriously.  I cannot over emphasize this.  If you want to get into the realm of being financially free, be prepared to learn about how to money works, be prepared on how to manage your personal finance. You cannot do without listening to financial seminar tapes,buy books on personal finance,reading financial papers and magazines like Stock Watch, books on investments and savings.  See friends, take a look at the lives of millionaires you will find out that they are extremely busy people who are experienced investors and financial experts, they put their money where it would grow and they don't just spend anyhow.

One principle of building wealth is this : More income (money) less outgo (disciplined spending). You have to have self-control over your emotions that makes you spend on impulse. Having more money will not solve your problem. You can get ahead financially with what you have right now, with your presently salary you can get  ahead financially. See, money is a magnifier, more money will enlarge what and who are.  If you are a reckless spender, money means more reckless spending.  Someone is not proud because he has money, he is proud because pride was inside of him all these years, waiting for a platform to ride on. The truly humble gets even humbler with the more money they make.

In concluding for now...the truth about making more money is that you should increas your streams of income...that we will talk about next.  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: The Total Package (Aaron D. Lewis & George B. Thompson), Increasing Your Financial IQ, Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), Parable of Dollars (Sam Adeyemi)


I have  come to know that about 80% of what we do daily is tailored towards making more money for ourselves. When you woke up this morning, you left your house in order to go to work so as to make money,if you are self employed or to do your job, if you are an employee or to supervise your company, if you are a business owner.  It's as if we all came to this world to make money, I've heard people say that life is all about money, women and true is that I don't know, but if you've been following this series on Inspiring Moments  you would definately know better...Life is really about impact, fulfilling your God-given purpose.  You are here on assignment.  Have you found your place of assignment?

The truth about making more money is that you don't get wealthy by a bigger pay-cheque or a huge money contract. Surprised? Please don't be.  Both the rich and the poor have money problems.  The money problem of the poor is "not enough money" while the money problem of the rich is " too much money".  Getting ahead financially requires two things : financial literacy and discipline.  Yes, as simple as it seems those are the basic ingredients I have come to find out which I can use as a summary of what it takes to be financially free. 

I know that the dream of every adult is to be financially free, yeah, everyone of us looks up to the time when we have enough money to buy what we want, go where we want and do what we want,and you know what? It is possible.  Then how can one be financially free? Thanks for asking that question, am so glad you did.  To be financially free, you need to know how money works, you need to set your priorities straight, in order words, financial literacy and discipline are the two major requirements to be financially free.  I know many books on investment and personal finance profer alot of  keys to success, rules of wealth creation, principles of financial success, rules of money etc But basically, they all boil down to these two principles I have mentioned : financial literacy (financial education) and discipline.

You have to be ready to change in order to get ahead financially. Let me give a quick summary of what to do in order to be on the path to financial freedom:

1) TITHE: You should give 10% of your income as tithe

2) SAVINGS: You should save 10% in your savings account,which is meant for extreme emergencies

3) INVEST:  You should invest 10% in a mutual fund,shares or any other venture where the money is quaranteed to have the propensity to grow

4) BUDGET :You should budget all  your monthly expenses to fall within the remaining 70% of your salary. You should ensure that all you spend in a month does not exceed the 70% left after tithe,savings and investment.  Anything that is above that should be put forward till next month

5) LONG TERM PLANNING : Budget all expenses 3 months ahead. You should have an idea and well-written down plans of your future expenses, all major and minor things should be on your plan. \

6) AVOID IMPULSE BUYING : Impulse buying is the main reason we run out of cash. It makes your salary to be spent before it is earned. Haven't you wondered why is it that before the month ends, for salaried workers, that your salary is already gone? Stop impulse buying ,most of the things you buy with impulse you don't really need.

7) PAY YOUR DEBT AND AVOID FUTURE DEBTS : Debt is another major drainage of income, haven't you noticed that once your income arrives, debtors show up? It's as if you're being  robbed in broad day light! But the truth is you've already eaten your cake before you had it through impulse buying and getting what you don't need for survival for the now.

8) INCREASE YOUR FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE :  Attend financial seminars,listen to mentorship tapes and VCDs on personal, increase your library of personal finace books. Read, read and read about how to increase your financial intelligence through planning,budgetting,savings,investing and owning your company. 

9) ESTABLISH YOUR OWN COMPANY: You cannot get rich by working in a salaried employment.  Haven't you noticed that most wealthy people you see today own their personal company? Just name them, Ben Murray Bruce, Larry Izamoje,Wale Adenuga,Richard Bradson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Alhaji Aliko Dangote etc name them, they all have their personal company.  God said he will bless the work of your hands.  You have to give him what to bless, your business is the conduit he need to bless you with. Think about it.

10) GET FINANCIAL MENTORS : You are like those who look up to, your reference points are what you would ultimately end up like or even more than. You want to be financially successful, do you have tghe list of the 10 wealthiest people on the planet? What did they do to be successful? What are they into? Success has it's tracks, follow the path they've set you will get to where they've gotten.

In concluding for have to start thinking good thoughts like "it is possible for me to be financial free". It all starts from your thinking.  STAY CONNECTED!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Life on earth is really about impact, it is about adding value to the world you belong. I believe life is not just about being born, growing up, going to primary school, the university or polytechnic, getting a job, getting married, raising children,growing old, retiring and! I believe that there is much more to life than that.

This then behoves on us the responsibility to find out our personal niche, our personal reason for living and becoming what God really have for us. See, being successful should not just be seen from the context of making lots of money, it should be seen from the aspect of fulfilling purpose, fulfilling what God has for us. Picture this, at Heaven's gate, would you be glad that all your gifts and purposes, the businesses, the books and CDs you were destined to produce, walk up to you and say "thanks for bringing us to life, thanks for releasing us, you have completed your course", or would you rather want them to walk up to you and say, "we were supposed to be released by you but you failed to say yes to your destiny, now we were unable to come out of you and bless the Earth, you have failed us", is that what you really want?

See, you have to come to grips and sincerely answer this question of "Purpose", because no truly happy life is devoid of fulfilling it, none!. I was thinking recently and was talking with a friend, we hear of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Graham Bell, Philip Emegwali and a host of others, these men said yes to something that was buring inside of them and now they have eternally blessed the world, their names are written in the anals of history. Infact the world is blessed by their works! So, I ask you a question which I want you to answer: What is your major definate purpose for living? What are you living for? Who are you impacting? Who are you blessing? What is that thing that is burning inside of you and crying for expression? I just wonder.

Who are your mentors? Who are you listening to on a daily basis? You ultimately become like those that are feeding your dreams of life and speaking to your hear. Do you have, by now since you've been following these Inspiring Moments Series, your Life Dreams and Goals written down clearly on paper? Are you really serious about making an impact? Get a big note book and write them down, do it today, do it now!

See,friends, my sincere prayer for you is to make an impact, that after going through this post, you will make up your mind to sit down and write down in black and white, your life Goals and see them come to pass! I did that and today, I would say am not doing so badly, all the things I wrote down are gradually unfold in my life! The house I live in, the car am going to ride, all these things I have seen in my mind before they start coming to pass...what are you seeing about your future?

We are architects of our future, my favourite books says " A man's heart deviseth his ways but it is the Lord that directs his paths", no matter your dreams and aspirations, you need God to fulfil them. Connection to your manufacturer is paramount. You can only have true and good success through having God on your side.

I see you at the top! You will succeed, it all starts in your mind! Stay connected, you have too much inside of you to loose this race of life!

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THE POWER OF IMAGINATION: Activating the power within.

Hello friends,I want us to talk about a very important topic before we go back to our "Re-discovering the Kingdom of God" series. Recently I picked book and was blown away by the contents, a book by our own very insightful Pastor, Sam Adeyemi,he was talking about the Wonders of Imagination. So, I want to rush to you some of my findings. I bring you excerpts from the book and some of my comments. Enjoy!

In the realm of Imagination, all things are possible. By your imagination, you are not limited to time. You can choose to play pictures of the crossing of the Red Sea by Israel and see yourself there. Through your imagination, you can break free from the limitation of space. This means that with imagination you can actually bring to pass what you really desire. So let me ask you : what do you really desire? What have you been having inside of you? Are they thoughts of setback,defeat and failure? You can never rise above your thoughts because The Book says " as a man thinketh so is he" what do you think about yourself? How are you seeing your tomorrow?

Change your thoughts and you will change your life. It is what you have in your mind that you will eventually produce in your life? What is that dominant thought you have? Henry Ford said "if you think that you can or that you can not, you are right", meaning what ever opinion you have about yourself you will eventually produce. Once you have a powerful imagination of success, victory and good health, things around you and your body system will be working to fulfil that purpose.

Our minds works like the camera, once it has been exposed to light an image is formed in the film and when it is printed you will see the image there, just like it was. So, whatever images you have been forming in your mind about yourself will ultimately be produced in your life. Believe me, all you see in your life right now are as a result of how you've been seeing yourself, your inner reality would ultimately turnout to be your outward reality, this is one of the secrets of success!.

In the account given in Genesis, God said that "...this thing they have imagined to do,nothing can restrain them because they have one language". The Bible also gave us things to think about, not just anything but certain things,it says "whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of a good report,if there be any virtue... think on these things.

I see your thought life change and you also change for good! You will succeed.

In concluding for now...You have the best tool for success-- your mind, pray and ask God to empower you for positive thoughts. One of the ways to start that is to begin reading the bible and meditating on it...the Word of God, the Bible, is your ultimate success manual.

Stay connected!

Recommended Reading : Think and Succeed, Wonders of Imagination ( Sam Adeyemi)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

RE-DISCOVERING THE KINGDOM: The Original Purpose for the world.

Hello friends, answers to my mind-bugging questions are popping up on a daily basis and I feel very impressed to share them with you. Some of these questions are: why did God create this world? What's the purpose of this "mankind" idea? Why are we put here? What are we supposed to do, if Heaven is our home, then why come and spend sometime here, and ofcourse, when is the second coming of Christ? Please don't be stunned by these seemingly questions because like you know that here on Inspiring Moments, it's all about out-of-the-box thinking and looking for solutions to problems  and answers to questions that faces us as individuals,nation and as a world.

From research I have seen that the original purpose for the world is actually a govermental one, a Kingdom Government setup. Heaven is the home country while earth is the colony, God wanted us (man) to taste dominion, to know what it's like to be in control that's why He created the Earth.  As long as we are with Him in Heaven, we can't really taste dominion or rulership. Heaven is God's domain while the Earth is man's domain for dominion,power and impact. You see, untill we really discover our purpose as rulers of this world, we would not really make much impact.

Everything in this world is all pointing to the fact that God wants us to dominate, to be in the position of power where we were before the fall of man. You have to see yourself as a Kingdom Citizen, not just a christian but as somebody on a mission, a divine mission to have dominion and impact this Earth. You see, the changing of this world is highly dependent on us, God will not do for man, what He has already empowered man to do for himself. That is why,the issue of discovering your position in Christ and what He has purposed for your life is very important, it's up to you.

One of the greatest discovery in the spiritual realm is to re-discovery the mystery of the Kingdom of God and know that you are a Kingdom Citizen and destined for great things...greatness is yours by birthright, you were born great, you were born rich, too rich that your physical mind can't conceive takes the eyes of the spirit to see it.  Can you imagine this?: The God that created the air we breathe, the majesty of the mountains, the beauty of the oceans, the intricate connectivity of the vascular bundles of leaves, the awesome connections in the iris in the eyes that helps us to see images, this God that created the ever-expanding vast universe...this God is your father!

Please, hang on with us on this series of "Re-discovering of the Kingdom of God" because these series is bound to change your life and your thinking about your stand as a child of God and as a Christian. You are a Kingdom Citizen so therefore the systems of this world as supposed to bow to you. You are from a Kingdom that operates above this world have to be born into it by being born-again.

In concluding for is the father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. S-T-A-Y C-O-N-N-E-C-T-E-D!

Recommended Viewing: Re-discovering the  Kingdom DVD (Dr Myles Munroe)

THIS BORN-AGAIN THING: Re-claiming the real you! (Part 2)

Hello friends, like we started yesterday, being born again is a very important aspect of our lives as christians yet many of us seem not to really get the real meaning of what it means. Sometime ago, I was wondering and asking so many questions in order to know and understand the whole meaning of life on earth: Why are we all here? Why did God created man? Why have so many great men of God and God's generals come and gone and yet the earth remains? What is this grand plan of God for the earth that we've been preaching the coming of Christ for so many years and yet He is yet to come?

These and so many other mind bugging questions I have been asking and just recently this year, 5th of April,2009, to be precise,I came across a book that actually answers these questions and this books is part of the recommended text given for yesterdays post- Re-discovering the Kingdom of God by  Dr Myles Munroe. Please get that book and also the DVD Kindgom Principles, it is a recommended reading and viewing, highly recommended!.  This born-again thing is actually about re-claiming what you originally were created to be and do on earth, it's about your true identity.

The reason why Christ preached about being born-again is because He wants to take you back to the original state that God created you to be-- the place of dominion,power and control over the circumstances of this life. You are royalty, you are the son and daughter of a King,you are a prince and you don't even know it, you are a princess and you don't even know it! God is your father! I believe friends, that the greatest discovery in the spirit realm is to come to the knowledge that God is your father!

If only I could get you to believe that God is as much of a direct father to you just as your biological father, if only I could get you to see with the eyes of knowledge and revelation your true identity, you will jump on your feet and shout out loud "Eureka! I've found it at last!". See, you are a king on this earth, that's why He is the King of kings, we are lords on this earth that is why He is the Lord of lords! You are so special and destined for great things that is why the devil wants to steal,kill and destroy your destiny!

Being born-again is not just one common place cliche that is so overused these days in our churches and christian centres, being born again is re-claiming your rightful position, it means being born into the kingdom of God. There is a Kingdom lifestyle and culture that is filled with power authority and dominion and you can only access it when you get born again. You are actually doing yourself a whole world of good by getting born again, believe me, because all you do in this life will not matter if you fail to be born into the original purpose of God for your life...remember we said earlier in Inspiring Moments Series 1  that the fulfilment of your purpose is the ultimate measure of success and it is the only thing that gives true joy and satisfaction. So, friends I ask a question: are you born again?

Getting born again is only a prayer away,please feel free to talk to your Father in Heaven and ask Him for forgiveness of sins and ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life as your Lord and personal saviour! There you are!...welcome to the Kingdom of God! A whole new world awaits you, I can only imagine the great things that you'll be doing henceforth.

Stay connected!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

THIS BORN-AGAIN THING: Claiming the real you!

Hello friends, you are welcome to another series on Inspiring Moments  with John Obuku & Friends, because it's all about you and me, dealing with critical issues that affects our lives and motivating ourselves to the top. Please, enjoy yourselves and I sincerely hope you will find in the pages of this posts things that would serve as sources of inspiration for you  to give that final blow to crack the wall demarcating you from your goals and aspirations.

I have always wondered what the whole idea of being born-again is all about, why we as christians find it difficult to be born-again or remain born-again...I have come to find out some truths that I would love to share with us. Please, I would like you to read this with an open mind because you might find some of these thoughts actually challenging but they are never meant to pose a holier-than-thou attitude,that is never my intention throughout this series,never!

I believe being born again is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to an individual. Being born again is actually re-entering your true self, re-entering the Kingdom of God to which you originally belong. Being Born again is coming to the fullness of what God actually created you for, it's a life that is actually beyond the limitations and boundaries of life here on earth. It is being born into the type of life Christ lived here on earth.

I believe for us to get a real insight into this topic is to look at what Christ said about it...I find it very profound that the first statement He made after His baptism by John was that he went about preaching about the Kingdom of God, isn't that wonderful and interesting? The message Jesus preached the most is about the Kingdom, he mentioned born again once in John 3 but all through His  sermons, he was talking about the Kingdom...He would say that the Kingdom of God is like this...the Kingdom of God is like a man that went to a far country...the Kingdom of God is like a precious pearl which a man finds and...Please look up John 4:17,Mark 4,Matthew 13.  Even when Jesus taught us how to pray, he mentioned the Kingdom..."your kingdom come"... you see! There's the kingdom word again! I cannot over-emphasize it.

Even in all of God's creation, the reason He created earth is all about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Heaven is the home country while earth is the foreign country, the colony.  We are here on Earth to impact it with the power, will and intent of our King (God Almighty) and let "as it is done in Heaven be done on earth". By being born again you re-position yourself for all the fullness of blessings,provisions and power to fulfill your God-given destiny. Being born again guarantees good success, because there's a bad success that ends up in penury and destruction at the long run.

You will end well...only get into "this born again thing" life and see for yourself a whole new world.  I love you all.

Stay connected to the Kingdom of God, and I know "it is the fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom". STAY CONNECTED!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009


As we conclude this series of Inspiring Moments, one thing impresses my mind greatly and that is "What would you be known for? After you have lived a long,ripe and fruitful life on earth, what would people remember you for? What would people sum up your life and say "this is what Mr You is all about?,this is what he did?.

A look at history lane would reveal profound truths about the idea of finding a niche for yourself and really defining your path in this life. Like you would have known from this series so far, "life on earth is about impact, life on earth is about contribution, wrapped in every human being on the face of this earth is the will of God for the world, and I believe that anytime a person dies without discovering and fulfilling his potential, the world has been robbed of a very vital solution to a prevalent problem".

So I ask this simple yet very profound question : What would you be known for? You see friends, I really think I love thw idea of our very own popular Nigerian Musician Faze, I think he did a very fine job with his  "Originality" song, and a line from the song goes thus..."una go halla my name one day!...Faze! Faze!! Faze !!!" To me that's a man that has discovered his path and clearly have defined it. There are several examples I can give from these secular singers but I wonder if I can say the same for our gospel singers...I just wonder!

Albert Einstein is known for his wonderful inventions, Isaac Newton is known for his Laws of Physics, Abraham Lincoln is known for his stance on democracy, Mahatma Gandhi is known for his gentle approach to overcome colonialism, Matthew Luther King Jr is known for his passion for freedom and the I Have A Dream Speech (which is regarded as one of the most inspiring speeches in history), Mother Theresa was known for love for the poor,children and  humanitarianism, Nelson Mandela is known for his super resolve and victory over apartheid and Barack Obama is known for his change message and being the first black President of the United States of America! Friends, what would you be known for?

Bishop T.D. Jakes is regarded as America's best preacher and leader of the 21st Century Revival of the Church, Billy Graham is known for Evangelism, Myles Munroe is known for his Potential,Purpose and Leadership messages, Sam Adeyemi is known for Success Power and his success and leadership messages, Bishop David Oyedepo is known for his Faith message and Supernatural Prosperity teachings and awesome miracles, Bishop Benson Idahosa is known for being the best evangelist and fire-brand preacher from Nigeria,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known for his insightful teachings and Atmosphere for Miracles,Pastor Poju Oyemade is known for The Platform Teaching Seminars,Fela Durotoye is known as the leading motivational speaker and motivator of youths in Nigeria ,Praise Fowowe is known as the best relationship expert in Nigeria ,Pat Utomi is known as one of the best minds on entreprenuership and for his talkshow Patito's Gang... what would you be known for?

If you fail to discover your destiny, nothing you do will ever matter, it's not about how many cars you drive, how big your house is, how fat your bank account is...are you fulfilling your purpose? Have you discovered your potential? Can you say in no uncertain terms that this is what I'm all about? As for me, John Obuku is about Music, Teachings and Books. I have discovered my purpose, I have discovered my potential, Oh Lord! help me to fulfill and maximize them! In Jesus name, Amen!

You will discover that you have many giftings but you need to maximize at least one of them, and use that as a platform to develop others. You are too loaded to be frustrated, you are too gifted to be stranded, your gift will make a way for you, discover yourself and experience peace that passes all understanding. I will see you at the top! The top is not crowded,I have never seen Airplanes struggle for space in the sky...there's room for everyone who dares to fulfill his potential! Research have shown that a genuis uses less than 10% of his potential, that the remaining 90% stays dormant all through the life of the person. That means, as you are seated there, you have more potentials than you can actually imagine. Go on and discover yourself, don't go to the grave with my goods!

In concluding for now...Take Charge and be all the best God as destined you to be and have the "ever-ready to learn attitude" to life. Stay blessed.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FINANCIAL EDUCATION:The missing link in our school system (Part 2)

The issue of money is so important that the average individual spends like 58% of his waking time talking,thinking  and dreaming about money, how to make more money and how to "hammer" big time! Yet it is so ironically that our school system is not tailored to meet this need.

If money making is such a vital thing in adult life, why then are we not trained about it in school? Hmmm? come we do not have a single class called Motivation 101 since I've come to discover that you need motivation to accomplish anything significant in life? Why don't we have a class called Potential 101,  if your true fulfilment and success in life depends on whether you discover your potential? Somebody should tell me why don't we have Self Development 101  in our school curriculum?

If Home Economics  is designed to inculcate good culinary and home keeping skills in pupils especially girls in Primary School, why then don't we have courses and classes that have to do why Self Discovery, since self discovery is the greatest discovery of the human race, in that, it is the most defining moment of the life of an individual.

In addition to the case of inculcating Financial Education  to our school systems, I am now making a case for Motivation, Potential and Self-Development courses in our school curriculum. Do that and you'll see a new Nigeria!

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Understanding Your Potential (Myles Munroe), Awakening the giant Within ( Anthony Robbins)

FINANCIAL EDUCATION:The missing link in our school system

Hello friends, I have come to know that there is a very vital  link that is missing in our educational system. That link is "the knowledge of how money works"- Financial Literacy. I find it very amazing that we go through school with the hope of having a better job in other to have a financially secure future yet our school system is not tailored to meet this very important need. That to me is very sad.

Financial Education is the body of knowledge to governs how money is created, managed and multiplied. It is a journey of our money works and how to go about in building an enduring financial empire, which I believe is the goal of everyone. Financial Education is financial literacy. Whether you are a multi-national business corporation,a sole proprietor or even an NGO, the need to make money to fund your projects cannot be denied. So tell me why are we not taught how to make money is schools? Why? Tell me why!

Our school systems only teaches us how to calculate "compound interests", but don't teach us how to use compound interest to create wealth through investments, our school system teaches us how to calculate "issues of shares" but do not tell us the wonderful world of investment in shares of quoted companies. Our school system teaches us about the Stock Exchange and the Stock Market but never tells us how to practically use them to create lasting wealth for our families. Friends, atimes a feel there's a hidden conspiracy to perpetuate poverty in the life of the average individual.

That Conspiracy can only be broken through "knowledge".  I have come to know that the only way to make it in life is by Self-development through seeking for knowledge through reading of books, good quality books about finance,personal development, goals and vision. You never really have a money problem, you only have a knowledge problem, you never really have a sin problem, you only have a knowledge problem. The key to killing poverty is when this subject of financial education is inculcated in our school system.

I believe in a new Nigeria, one driven by quality knowledge and very entreprising citizenry. I hereby make a case for financial education to be inculcated in our school curriculum, if really we are serious about poverty alliviation and building great and enduring wealth in our country.

We'll continue tomorow...TAKE CHARGE!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have a saying for giving meaning to the word "life", it goes like this: "Life is not supposed to be lived like 'anywhere belle face' but as 'as I plan am no so I go do am'",  that's a Nigerian slang for saying " you should not live life based on impulse but it should be a well-thought out process that is planned and constantly monitored and pursued".  Being a person of influence means just that.

I believe God sent us into the world to fulfill a particular assignment.  That has alot to do with our purpose... by now, you should have settled the "purpose issue", if you have not, get this book "Purpose-Driven Life" by  Rick Warren, it is a highly recommended reading for any serious-minded person, believe me, that's one book you wouldn't want to miss reading!

Your goal in life should be to make a difference in your world, to be a man or woman of influence,despite your demographics and religious beliefs, you should be a person of influence, positive influence that is.  You were created to provide a solution to things in life,to be a reason why someone should smile, to be the hope of a family. Friends, you have a use! Common, get a life! You get one when you can say for sure, this is my definate purpose in life, and you are obviously living it. Your purpose should be a positive contribution to humanity.

When you discover your purpose and busy fulfilling it, men would come and look for you.  Trust me,a tree is so powerful that when it starts to bear it's fruit, you have to go to it in order to eat its fruit: meaning your purpose can actually become the greatest streams of income of your life!  If you really want to be successful, find something you are passionate about and commercialize it. hmm...hmm...because we really only appreciate something when it comes down to financial terms but really really...that's one of the keys to great wealth!

In concluding for would be a tragedy if you go through this our modern jet age where there is actually an information overload and not become a person of influence... research on your area of interests, buy tapes,attend seminars,take courses and in all, do whatever it takes to upgrade,update and upload all the information you need to make it to your glorious future!

I believe in your future! It is real! I can see it , can you see it? T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E !!

Recommended Reading: Law of Recognition ,The Assignment (Mike Murdock), The Glory of Living (Myles Munroe),Ideas Rule the World,Success is Who You Are (Sam Adeyemi)

ONLY YOU CAN STOP YOU! :You are Unstoppable!

I want to rush a thought to you, it's one have found to be very true in our life pursuits.  From my research in studying great men and people that have really made impact in their generation I have come to discover one common characteristics amoung all of them...they all believed in theirselves and never stopped at what was their passion! 

Never in history has the power of self-determination be defeated by the seemingly mountainous problems or challenges. Once you put your mind to doing something nothing can really stop you except yourself!  That may be surprising...but it's the truth. Picture Obama and the American Presidency, Picture Amstrong and climbing the moon,Picture Usain Bolt and 3 Olympic gold medals and him shattering the world records and being the fastest man on earth!

There are no mountains nowhere except in your actually come to a point where you say "I don't think I can make it anymore"...this challenges are too much for me...I feel like giving up...Oh God! am tired of these problems and difficulties! and then you quit! How sad, because just right at the point of your quitting you might have hit the target for real...It was Albert Eintein or so, who tried 9,999 times before he was able to get it right so that we can have the electric bulb today. Henry Ford dared to create a v8 engine, what his "expert mechanics" said was impossible but he insisted they go on working at it and guess what? it was possible.

History is replete with countless stories of people who overcame obstacles to attain new heights of achievement, you can do the same...but the question is ... do you believe you can? do you really believe that despite what every other person is saying, that your dream is still possible?  Even the devil knows that you are unstoppable that is why he uses his most potent weapon against you, it's a weapon that always work, if you fall to his trickery-- the weapon of frustration.

He knows he cannot stop you by his power, no matter how powerful you think he is, he cannot stop you, he only suggest discouraging words to you and paints the problem bigger than it is...then if you believe him, you quit and he wins. If you fail to quit and fodge ahead, you frustrate him and go on to win...that's the spirit of champion in you.  You are more than a conqueror!

In concluding for now..."Never, never,never give up....Winston Churchill". You can win, you can succeed, you can be all the best you want to be in you believe? I believe ! TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading: You Can Win (Shev Khera), Awakening The Giant Within (Anthony Robbins),
Winners don't Quit and Quitters don't Win (Robert Schuller)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


A wise man once said, "if you don't have something to die for, you have no reason to live".  I have come to find out that there's alot of sense in that statement, in that, it signifies what is our ultimate drive. There is need for you to have a reason why you woke up and leave your bed this morning, your job should not just be seen as an avenue for paying your bills.

Your job should be seen as something that affords you the opportunity to develop your gift, it should be something that should be used as a training ground for you to refine and harness your natural talents, a place where you learn discipline and principles of management and relating to people. I ask this seeming strange and overly-simple question which many people find very difficult to provide an answer to..."what are you living for?"

Many people can tell you the latest Soap Opera on AIT and Dstv but cannot tell you what they are living for...many people know the lyrics of all of D'banj songs but cannot tell you what they are living for...they can  tell you all the political woes of our beloved country Nigeria but cannot tell you what they are living for...hmmm...friends, this I find very very disturbing because if the future of our country lies in the hands of youths, do these youths know what they are actually living for? 

Let me ask you some thought provoking questions (if you are regular follower of this site you would be used to them by

1) What are you living for?...yes you that is reading this post...what are those things you are living for? Is it for your family, your personal goals, your community? what is it?...

2) If you are faced with the Creator of your soul, what will you tell Him that you did with your life? What would you be remembered for after you've lived to a ripe old aged and return back to the creator of your soul?...I believe many will receive eternal condemnation not so much because of the sins they committed BUT because they fail to answer this simple question " what did you do with all the potentials and giftings inside of you?"

3) Will you go to the grave with that business idea lying inside of you? Will you live your life and go through your youth without fulfilling those deepest desires in your heart? Will you become an old man or woman one day with bitter regrets of a wasted opportunity at life?...Will you leave earth with all the abundant potentials inside of you and never gave them a shot?

Common take a risk for once! Life itself is a risk...dare to dream...dare to live out your whatever it takes to fulfill those dreams and crazy ideas inside of  youDon't be an employee all your life when you are supposd to be an employer of labour...there are many destinies tied to your dream...if you fail to bring that business alive, they may never be able to fulfill their dreams...where you are working today was once in the mind of somebody...he dared...he dreamt...he risked failure and loss of a paid employment to establish the company that is paying your monthly salary.

In concluding for now...Matthew Ashimolowo said in his Wealth Creation Series " an employment gives you a salary but a company of your own gives you profits for life".  We'll continue tomorrow, wonderful day!

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Wealth Creation (Matthew Ashimolowo), Success Is Who You Are (Sam Adeyemi)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello friends, we started our talk on the topic the true measure of success yesterday and we are going to try and conclude it today.  I picked up a book from my library to actually butteress the topic and what I found were actually very profound and thought-provoking. I will like to share some of them with you.

Dr Myles Munroe in his book, In Charge , said " the key to success is discovering your uniqueness and significance", meaning that in order to be truly successful, you have to find out what makes you relevant to your community,your country and the world at large.  I believe that every human being on earth has trapped within them unique giftings and talents that are relevant to this world's problem...I believe that any human being that goes to the grave without discovering himself have robbed us of our goods and have actually contributed to the problems in the world. may be shocked but it's the sad reality.

According to Dr Munroe, " the greatest discovery in human experience is Self-discovery" see that friends, the best selling author has confirmed all our earlier affirmations over here about the importance of discovering your purpose...see, I cannot over emphasize this any further. Please get the recommended text usually given at the end of each post...seriously they do more justice to the principles highlighted over here.

Here are some excerpts from the book In Charge:

1) Each of us makes ourselves valuable to the world by identifying a gift so unique that no one can find our skills and contributions anywhere else.

2)Your uniqueness makes you valuable

3)As valuable as oil is, it too must be refined from a curde form to make it useful to us...We must refine our gifts to make them valuable so that we can serve them to others most effectively and successfully.

4) You succeed by helping others achieve their mission and fulfill their needs.

5) Success is becoming a person of value

6) Refine means to be free from impurities,imperfections or coarseness,to remove moral imperfection or to improve by introducing subtleties or distinctions.

7) Value + Refinement = Success

8) When you discover who you really are, people's opinions of you suddenly fall to the ground.

9) An attitude of freedom and confidence is a by-product of our self-discovery

10)The only way to discover yourself is to discover the Creator.  You and your creator are of the same nature. Your life on earth will make no sense if you do not know yourself.

In concluding for now...I reinterate for emphasis sake the words of our beloved doctor and best-selling author, " Your life on earth will make no sense if you do not know yourself ( know your purpose and  being busy fulfilling it).  TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading : In Charge!,Understanding Your Potential,Releasing Your Potential and Maximizing Your Potential (Myles Munroe), Success is You ( Sam Adeyemi)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As the year 2009 runs to an end, we have about 86 days to go, by taking a look at the year in retrospect, what can you say you have achieved so far? For your family,career and self? Hmmm...I strongly feel that an honest and deep self assessment, what I'll like to call the Inward Analysis, is very vital to our lives. You see friends, there's every need for us to examine our personal and corporate,even more so as the year comes to an end. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this...I really cannot.

The true measure of success, which I have come to discover is this:

1) Have you come to discover your true purpose? Folks, please pardon my repeating myself all over and over again...I think the most important thing that can happen to a man is "the discovery of purpose"...see, if you can clearly and boldly state in no uncertain terms your purpose...then you have really started to live.  Clarifying your purpose makes life easy to live, gives meaning to life, gives you zest for your job. Friends find your purpose...You have a purpose...find it.  The car has its purpose, the pen has it purpose, the computer you are using and the monitor you are viewing now have their purposes. What is your purpose?  To discover your purpose, ask the Manufacturer, look at the inherent gifts and dispositions you are naturally inclined to.

2) Are you fulfilling your purpose? The way you become great in life is to find your gift and serve that gift to the world.  We are all leaders in the areas of our giftings, Tiger Woods is the master of golf, Usain Bolt is the master of the tracks,the Williams sisters are the queens of the court, Jay Jay Okocha is the king of the football field and master dribbler.  What are you all about and are you fulfilling that gift?  You have to find, refine and serve your gift to the world for you to be great.

3) Are you helping others to discover and fulfill  their purpose ? True success produces other successes, you cannot be acclaimed successful if you do not have a successor. You should produce people after your own kind.  If you claim to be truly many people have discovered their purpose through you? How many people are inspired to do more,be more through your lifestyle.  Man! you're supposed to be a role model! can't say you are successful if your success does no impact lives and cause positive change in your society.

4) True success has little to do with monetary worth. may say what is success without money but let me ask you, haven't you seen wealthy men who ended up terrible wrecks,died miserable deaths? So having superfluous wealth doesn't make you entirely successful.  Success is in levels, its not a destination but a journey. You keep on succeeding from levels to levels. Success is never ending, failure is never final.

Write me and post your comment on this topic, "what is your own measure of true success?

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading : In Pursuit of Purpose (Myles Munroe), Goals! (Brain Tracy), The Assignment (Mike Murdock),Success 101 (John C. Maxwell)

Monday, October 5, 2009

THE NIGERIAN DREAM: Recreating and re-orientating our National Values

I want to introduce to you a new concept, it's new if you hearing it for the first time,anyway, it is actually a vision born in the hearts of some brave,young and dynamic individuals-it's call The Vision 2025. I would like to refer to it as the Nigerian Dream because for once in our national lives some group of people have decided to give a Specific,Measurable,Achieveable,Realistic and Time-bound goals to our national lives.

The Vision 2025 Nigerian Dream goes like this " by the year 2025, Nigeria would have developed into the most desirable place to live in on planet earth".  This vision requires the effort everybody, all hands have to be on deck for the vision to come into fulfilment.  It requires a mental re-orientation of how we see ourselves as Nigerians,how we view our potentialities and our natural resources.

It involves recreating the Nigeria of our dreams in our minds, it involves being highly optimistic that these dreams will come to pass. It means that we  have to believe that one day that Nigeria will be good,that "Niaja go better". We really have to believe in the Nigerian Dream, let it be a popular jingo in the mouths of every youth, I look forward to seeing passionate youth that goes about with the mentality that " we can be agents of change for Nigeria, we are not going to loot and embezzle anymore".

It means that everyone have to decide to look in the mirror and make a have to be the better Nigerian in order to have a better Nigeria. You have to believe that you can make super wealth legitimately without taking your own share of the "National Cake"...where did Bill Gate and Warren Buffet get their wealth from?. The Vision 2025 is one where our Presidential and Gubernotarial aspirants are devoid of the "Ghana-must-go mentality"...rather the "corruption-must-go mentality" should be installed in their minds.

Change is possible...look at Nelson Mandela and South African. Change is possible...look at Ellen Johnson and Liberia. Change is possible look at Jerry Rawlings and Ghana...Change is possible look Matthew Luther King Jr and the American Dream. Change is possible...look at Obama and America!  God will not send down angels from Heaven to come and carry our hands and go to Aso rock to make a change.  Change is possible when we decide to recreate the Nigeria of our dreams by having a positive mental re-orientation in every sphere of our National lives.

I believe in the New Nigeria...I believe that one day NEPA (or PHCN) go change and give us 24 hours light. I believe that one day, good portable drinking water will flow from the taps of every home.  I believe that one day our educational systems would be free from incessant strike by Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria.I go dey pray so te, so te, so te, so te..." Do you believe?

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Second Revolution,Ideas Rule the World (Sam Adeyemi)

Friday, October 2, 2009

IT'S A NEW DAY: God Bless Nigeria!

It's a new day! A new chapter in our national life. A new phase in how we live our lives.Nigeria is 49! How do you intend to live the next 365 days as a citizen of this great country which is immensely blessed by God. I believe in the vision of a New Nigeria, I believe in the Vision 2025 in which Nigeria would have developed into one of the most desirable nations to live in on the planet earth.

What are your aspirations about Nigeria, what is the Nigeria of your dream? What would you do differently that would be a positive change for the country? What are you views about corruption in the corridors of powers?  What is your own suggestion are a solution to the Niger Delta situation? What are your views on youth empowerment in Nigeria?

We all talk about the American Dream, what is "the Nigerian Dream"?.  I look forward to a time when it will be a popular jingo in the mouths every dick and harry that "I believe in a New Nigeria...this is the Nigerian Dream!" I look forward to a time when youths would be passionate about being agents of change in Nigeria.  I look forward to a time when corruption,embezzling and every form of political looting would be a thing of the past and a taboo.

I look forward to the time when the Nigerian would be a highly envied citizen all over the globe and he would be a person that everyone would want to be associated with.  I look to a Nigeria where the President would be in the mould of the Pat Utomis,Donald Dukes, Raji Fasholas,Niyi Adesanyas, Fela Durotoyes etc and our ministers would be in the mould of Praise Fowowes and Gbenga Sesans.

The Nigeria of my dream is one where there would be constant light and not some company holding the power like Power Holding Company of Nigeria is presently doing.  I look to a time when the Nigeria Naira would be of more international value.  I see a Nigeria where we would be harnessing the potential of the vast human capital and natural resources of which we so so immensely blessed with. Wow! I love this country.

As I conclude this for now...I want you to do something very special...take a pen and paper and write 10 points highlighting your dream for Nigeria and write against each one the steps that you would personally contribute to that course.  Common, you can do it...I believe in it right now. Take that action. MAKE THAT MOVE.  I love y'all. T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E!

Recommended Reading: Make That Move (Abiodun Mabadeje), Start With What You Have Where You Are,The Second Revolution (Sam Adeyemi)