Monday, November 9, 2009

YOUR GIFTS YOUR PROFIT: Turning your natural talents into income streams

I was reading a book recently and it sparked off a brilliant thought in my heart and I want to share it with you.  I believe that wrapped in every human being is the purpose of God for this Earth,every human is gifted in an area that is of global significance. I believe every human is gifted, have talent and has something to sell in the market.  You have within you gifts and talents that can be turned into commercial value and that can make you your own boss.  The question is have you discovered your gifts?  Have you found something that can make you resign your current employment and then pursue it?

Your gifts are those things that you naturally do without much effort.  They are what men recognise you with, they are what you are all about.  When I say Jay Jay Okocha, you'll say master dribbler and great footballer, when I say Tiger Woods you will say golf superstar, Micheal Jackson you'll say king of pop,2face,you'll say R & B Superstar and the list goes on.  You will see that these individuals are known for something that has nothing to do with what they studied at school.  They discovered and maximized their talents.  What are you naturally gifted with?  See, friends I cannot really over-emphasize the importance of your gift to your ultimate fulfilment and success in life...I can't.

Your gift is your only protection against economic melt down.  Isn't it wonderful than despite the economic melt down, those that are working with their gifts like musicians,athlethes and sportmen are still ranking millions in their respective profession.  God can get you out of your paid employment to bring you down to your gift.  He does that because He alone knows the wealth stored inside of you, it's amazing that when man is pushed against the wall, that's when he turns inside and starts to draw from the treasures within himself, that's why my favourite books says "out of the treasures of the heart a man speaketh". 

You might be singing in the choir, but really you are supposed to have your CDs and VCDs out there!  You are not just a church keyboardist but you should be a Music Director with your own studio producing Gospel Artistes!  You are not just a sunday school teacher but a best selling author and a speaker of high repute!  There are businesses in you! There are songs in you, yeah, talking to you! Those songs you've played with, they are real songs that should be out and blessing lives!  That publication or magazine you are thinking about should be published, climb over every obstacles and setbacks and comeback to the original idea given to you by God.  I believe in you.

In concluding for now...going to the grave with what you have is robbing humanity of what God sent you to doYour gifts are capable of bringing into your life the greatest streams of income  you will ever experience, your gift will make people from all over the world to look for you! Your gift is valuable.  Seek it, develop it and refine is for your profiting and blessing to the lives of others.

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Recommended Reading : Power to get Wealth (Abiodun Mabadeje), Maximize Your Potential (Myles Munroe)