Thursday, October 22, 2009


As we conclude this series of Inspiring Moments, one thing impresses my mind greatly and that is "What would you be known for? After you have lived a long,ripe and fruitful life on earth, what would people remember you for? What would people sum up your life and say "this is what Mr You is all about?,this is what he did?.

A look at history lane would reveal profound truths about the idea of finding a niche for yourself and really defining your path in this life. Like you would have known from this series so far, "life on earth is about impact, life on earth is about contribution, wrapped in every human being on the face of this earth is the will of God for the world, and I believe that anytime a person dies without discovering and fulfilling his potential, the world has been robbed of a very vital solution to a prevalent problem".

So I ask this simple yet very profound question : What would you be known for? You see friends, I really think I love thw idea of our very own popular Nigerian Musician Faze, I think he did a very fine job with his  "Originality" song, and a line from the song goes thus..."una go halla my name one day!...Faze! Faze!! Faze !!!" To me that's a man that has discovered his path and clearly have defined it. There are several examples I can give from these secular singers but I wonder if I can say the same for our gospel singers...I just wonder!

Albert Einstein is known for his wonderful inventions, Isaac Newton is known for his Laws of Physics, Abraham Lincoln is known for his stance on democracy, Mahatma Gandhi is known for his gentle approach to overcome colonialism, Matthew Luther King Jr is known for his passion for freedom and the I Have A Dream Speech (which is regarded as one of the most inspiring speeches in history), Mother Theresa was known for love for the poor,children and  humanitarianism, Nelson Mandela is known for his super resolve and victory over apartheid and Barack Obama is known for his change message and being the first black President of the United States of America! Friends, what would you be known for?

Bishop T.D. Jakes is regarded as America's best preacher and leader of the 21st Century Revival of the Church, Billy Graham is known for Evangelism, Myles Munroe is known for his Potential,Purpose and Leadership messages, Sam Adeyemi is known for Success Power and his success and leadership messages, Bishop David Oyedepo is known for his Faith message and Supernatural Prosperity teachings and awesome miracles, Bishop Benson Idahosa is known for being the best evangelist and fire-brand preacher from Nigeria,Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is known for his insightful teachings and Atmosphere for Miracles,Pastor Poju Oyemade is known for The Platform Teaching Seminars,Fela Durotoye is known as the leading motivational speaker and motivator of youths in Nigeria ,Praise Fowowe is known as the best relationship expert in Nigeria ,Pat Utomi is known as one of the best minds on entreprenuership and for his talkshow Patito's Gang... what would you be known for?

If you fail to discover your destiny, nothing you do will ever matter, it's not about how many cars you drive, how big your house is, how fat your bank account is...are you fulfilling your purpose? Have you discovered your potential? Can you say in no uncertain terms that this is what I'm all about? As for me, John Obuku is about Music, Teachings and Books. I have discovered my purpose, I have discovered my potential, Oh Lord! help me to fulfill and maximize them! In Jesus name, Amen!

You will discover that you have many giftings but you need to maximize at least one of them, and use that as a platform to develop others. You are too loaded to be frustrated, you are too gifted to be stranded, your gift will make a way for you, discover yourself and experience peace that passes all understanding. I will see you at the top! The top is not crowded,I have never seen Airplanes struggle for space in the sky...there's room for everyone who dares to fulfill his potential! Research have shown that a genuis uses less than 10% of his potential, that the remaining 90% stays dormant all through the life of the person. That means, as you are seated there, you have more potentials than you can actually imagine. Go on and discover yourself, don't go to the grave with my goods!

In concluding for now...Take Charge and be all the best God as destined you to be and have the "ever-ready to learn attitude" to life. Stay blessed.

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