Monday, October 26, 2009

THIS BORN-AGAIN THING: Claiming the real you!

Hello friends, you are welcome to another series on Inspiring Moments  with John Obuku & Friends, because it's all about you and me, dealing with critical issues that affects our lives and motivating ourselves to the top. Please, enjoy yourselves and I sincerely hope you will find in the pages of this posts things that would serve as sources of inspiration for you  to give that final blow to crack the wall demarcating you from your goals and aspirations.

I have always wondered what the whole idea of being born-again is all about, why we as christians find it difficult to be born-again or remain born-again...I have come to find out some truths that I would love to share with us. Please, I would like you to read this with an open mind because you might find some of these thoughts actually challenging but they are never meant to pose a holier-than-thou attitude,that is never my intention throughout this series,never!

I believe being born again is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to an individual. Being born again is actually re-entering your true self, re-entering the Kingdom of God to which you originally belong. Being Born again is coming to the fullness of what God actually created you for, it's a life that is actually beyond the limitations and boundaries of life here on earth. It is being born into the type of life Christ lived here on earth.

I believe for us to get a real insight into this topic is to look at what Christ said about it...I find it very profound that the first statement He made after His baptism by John was that he went about preaching about the Kingdom of God, isn't that wonderful and interesting? The message Jesus preached the most is about the Kingdom, he mentioned born again once in John 3 but all through His  sermons, he was talking about the Kingdom...He would say that the Kingdom of God is like this...the Kingdom of God is like a man that went to a far country...the Kingdom of God is like a precious pearl which a man finds and...Please look up John 4:17,Mark 4,Matthew 13.  Even when Jesus taught us how to pray, he mentioned the Kingdom..."your kingdom come"... you see! There's the kingdom word again! I cannot over-emphasize it.

Even in all of God's creation, the reason He created earth is all about the Kingdom of Heaven.  Heaven is the home country while earth is the foreign country, the colony.  We are here on Earth to impact it with the power, will and intent of our King (God Almighty) and let "as it is done in Heaven be done on earth". By being born again you re-position yourself for all the fullness of blessings,provisions and power to fulfill your God-given destiny. Being born again guarantees good success, because there's a bad success that ends up in penury and destruction at the long run.

You will end well...only get into "this born again thing" life and see for yourself a whole new world.  I love you all.

Stay connected to the Kingdom of God, and I know "it is the fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom". STAY CONNECTED!

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