Wednesday, October 28, 2009

THE POWER OF IMAGINATION: Activating the power within.

Hello friends,I want us to talk about a very important topic before we go back to our "Re-discovering the Kingdom of God" series. Recently I picked book and was blown away by the contents, a book by our own very insightful Pastor, Sam Adeyemi,he was talking about the Wonders of Imagination. So, I want to rush to you some of my findings. I bring you excerpts from the book and some of my comments. Enjoy!

In the realm of Imagination, all things are possible. By your imagination, you are not limited to time. You can choose to play pictures of the crossing of the Red Sea by Israel and see yourself there. Through your imagination, you can break free from the limitation of space. This means that with imagination you can actually bring to pass what you really desire. So let me ask you : what do you really desire? What have you been having inside of you? Are they thoughts of setback,defeat and failure? You can never rise above your thoughts because The Book says " as a man thinketh so is he" what do you think about yourself? How are you seeing your tomorrow?

Change your thoughts and you will change your life. It is what you have in your mind that you will eventually produce in your life? What is that dominant thought you have? Henry Ford said "if you think that you can or that you can not, you are right", meaning what ever opinion you have about yourself you will eventually produce. Once you have a powerful imagination of success, victory and good health, things around you and your body system will be working to fulfil that purpose.

Our minds works like the camera, once it has been exposed to light an image is formed in the film and when it is printed you will see the image there, just like it was. So, whatever images you have been forming in your mind about yourself will ultimately be produced in your life. Believe me, all you see in your life right now are as a result of how you've been seeing yourself, your inner reality would ultimately turnout to be your outward reality, this is one of the secrets of success!.

In the account given in Genesis, God said that "...this thing they have imagined to do,nothing can restrain them because they have one language". The Bible also gave us things to think about, not just anything but certain things,it says "whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of a good report,if there be any virtue... think on these things.

I see your thought life change and you also change for good! You will succeed.

In concluding for now...You have the best tool for success-- your mind, pray and ask God to empower you for positive thoughts. One of the ways to start that is to begin reading the bible and meditating on it...the Word of God, the Bible, is your ultimate success manual.

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Recommended Reading : Think and Succeed, Wonders of Imagination ( Sam Adeyemi)