Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FINANCIAL EDUCATION:The missing link in our school system (Part 2)

The issue of money is so important that the average individual spends like 58% of his waking time talking,thinking  and dreaming about money, how to make more money and how to "hammer" big time! Yet it is so ironically that our school system is not tailored to meet this need.

If money making is such a vital thing in adult life, why then are we not trained about it in school? Hmmm? come we do not have a single class called Motivation 101 since I've come to discover that you need motivation to accomplish anything significant in life? Why don't we have a class called Potential 101,  if your true fulfilment and success in life depends on whether you discover your potential? Somebody should tell me why don't we have Self Development 101  in our school curriculum?

If Home Economics  is designed to inculcate good culinary and home keeping skills in pupils especially girls in Primary School, why then don't we have courses and classes that have to do why Self Discovery, since self discovery is the greatest discovery of the human race, in that, it is the most defining moment of the life of an individual.

In addition to the case of inculcating Financial Education  to our school systems, I am now making a case for Motivation, Potential and Self-Development courses in our school curriculum. Do that and you'll see a new Nigeria!

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Understanding Your Potential (Myles Munroe), Awakening the giant Within ( Anthony Robbins)