Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello friends, we started our talk on the topic the true measure of success yesterday and we are going to try and conclude it today.  I picked up a book from my library to actually butteress the topic and what I found were actually very profound and thought-provoking. I will like to share some of them with you.

Dr Myles Munroe in his book, In Charge , said " the key to success is discovering your uniqueness and significance", meaning that in order to be truly successful, you have to find out what makes you relevant to your community,your country and the world at large.  I believe that every human being on earth has trapped within them unique giftings and talents that are relevant to this world's problem...I believe that any human being that goes to the grave without discovering himself have robbed us of our goods and have actually contributed to the problems in the world. may be shocked but it's the sad reality.

According to Dr Munroe, " the greatest discovery in human experience is Self-discovery" see that friends, the best selling author has confirmed all our earlier affirmations over here about the importance of discovering your purpose...see, I cannot over emphasize this any further. Please get the recommended text usually given at the end of each post...seriously they do more justice to the principles highlighted over here.

Here are some excerpts from the book In Charge:

1) Each of us makes ourselves valuable to the world by identifying a gift so unique that no one can find our skills and contributions anywhere else.

2)Your uniqueness makes you valuable

3)As valuable as oil is, it too must be refined from a curde form to make it useful to us...We must refine our gifts to make them valuable so that we can serve them to others most effectively and successfully.

4) You succeed by helping others achieve their mission and fulfill their needs.

5) Success is becoming a person of value

6) Refine means to be free from impurities,imperfections or coarseness,to remove moral imperfection or to improve by introducing subtleties or distinctions.

7) Value + Refinement = Success

8) When you discover who you really are, people's opinions of you suddenly fall to the ground.

9) An attitude of freedom and confidence is a by-product of our self-discovery

10)The only way to discover yourself is to discover the Creator.  You and your creator are of the same nature. Your life on earth will make no sense if you do not know yourself.

In concluding for now...I reinterate for emphasis sake the words of our beloved doctor and best-selling author, " Your life on earth will make no sense if you do not know yourself ( know your purpose and  being busy fulfilling it).  TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading : In Charge!,Understanding Your Potential,Releasing Your Potential and Maximizing Your Potential (Myles Munroe), Success is You ( Sam Adeyemi)