Friday, October 2, 2009

IT'S A NEW DAY: God Bless Nigeria!

It's a new day! A new chapter in our national life. A new phase in how we live our lives.Nigeria is 49! How do you intend to live the next 365 days as a citizen of this great country which is immensely blessed by God. I believe in the vision of a New Nigeria, I believe in the Vision 2025 in which Nigeria would have developed into one of the most desirable nations to live in on the planet earth.

What are your aspirations about Nigeria, what is the Nigeria of your dream? What would you do differently that would be a positive change for the country? What are you views about corruption in the corridors of powers?  What is your own suggestion are a solution to the Niger Delta situation? What are your views on youth empowerment in Nigeria?

We all talk about the American Dream, what is "the Nigerian Dream"?.  I look forward to a time when it will be a popular jingo in the mouths every dick and harry that "I believe in a New Nigeria...this is the Nigerian Dream!" I look forward to a time when youths would be passionate about being agents of change in Nigeria.  I look forward to a time when corruption,embezzling and every form of political looting would be a thing of the past and a taboo.

I look forward to the time when the Nigerian would be a highly envied citizen all over the globe and he would be a person that everyone would want to be associated with.  I look to a Nigeria where the President would be in the mould of the Pat Utomis,Donald Dukes, Raji Fasholas,Niyi Adesanyas, Fela Durotoyes etc and our ministers would be in the mould of Praise Fowowes and Gbenga Sesans.

The Nigeria of my dream is one where there would be constant light and not some company holding the power like Power Holding Company of Nigeria is presently doing.  I look to a time when the Nigeria Naira would be of more international value.  I see a Nigeria where we would be harnessing the potential of the vast human capital and natural resources of which we so so immensely blessed with. Wow! I love this country.

As I conclude this for now...I want you to do something very special...take a pen and paper and write 10 points highlighting your dream for Nigeria and write against each one the steps that you would personally contribute to that course.  Common, you can do it...I believe in it right now. Take that action. MAKE THAT MOVE.  I love y'all. T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E!

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