Thursday, October 8, 2009


A wise man once said, "if you don't have something to die for, you have no reason to live".  I have come to find out that there's alot of sense in that statement, in that, it signifies what is our ultimate drive. There is need for you to have a reason why you woke up and leave your bed this morning, your job should not just be seen as an avenue for paying your bills.

Your job should be seen as something that affords you the opportunity to develop your gift, it should be something that should be used as a training ground for you to refine and harness your natural talents, a place where you learn discipline and principles of management and relating to people. I ask this seeming strange and overly-simple question which many people find very difficult to provide an answer to..."what are you living for?"

Many people can tell you the latest Soap Opera on AIT and Dstv but cannot tell you what they are living for...many people know the lyrics of all of D'banj songs but cannot tell you what they are living for...they can  tell you all the political woes of our beloved country Nigeria but cannot tell you what they are living for...hmmm...friends, this I find very very disturbing because if the future of our country lies in the hands of youths, do these youths know what they are actually living for? 

Let me ask you some thought provoking questions (if you are regular follower of this site you would be used to them by

1) What are you living for?...yes you that is reading this post...what are those things you are living for? Is it for your family, your personal goals, your community? what is it?...

2) If you are faced with the Creator of your soul, what will you tell Him that you did with your life? What would you be remembered for after you've lived to a ripe old aged and return back to the creator of your soul?...I believe many will receive eternal condemnation not so much because of the sins they committed BUT because they fail to answer this simple question " what did you do with all the potentials and giftings inside of you?"

3) Will you go to the grave with that business idea lying inside of you? Will you live your life and go through your youth without fulfilling those deepest desires in your heart? Will you become an old man or woman one day with bitter regrets of a wasted opportunity at life?...Will you leave earth with all the abundant potentials inside of you and never gave them a shot?

Common take a risk for once! Life itself is a risk...dare to dream...dare to live out your whatever it takes to fulfill those dreams and crazy ideas inside of  youDon't be an employee all your life when you are supposd to be an employer of labour...there are many destinies tied to your dream...if you fail to bring that business alive, they may never be able to fulfill their dreams...where you are working today was once in the mind of somebody...he dared...he dreamt...he risked failure and loss of a paid employment to establish the company that is paying your monthly salary.

In concluding for now...Matthew Ashimolowo said in his Wealth Creation Series " an employment gives you a salary but a company of your own gives you profits for life".  We'll continue tomorrow, wonderful day!

Take Charge!

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