Friday, October 30, 2009


The issue of money is one that is not really thought in our schools yet we all leave school and are faced with stark reality of heavy financial responsibilities and with the big question " will I make it in life? will I be a financial success?".  These are real issues that everyone of us is faced with on our daily adult lives. There are some principles about money that you need to know. These principles when strictly adhered to will produce results in your life that would first of all change your attitude towards money before they now change your financial state.

Principles are sets of rules that function everywhere they are applied, they are time tested rules which function no matter the situation.  The Law of gravity is a principle that keeps everybody on this planet from falling into space, because the earth is actually spherical and some people are on top while some others are below, but those below also feel as if they are on top.  If you jump up, it is gravity that pulls you down, if you think you are anointed and jump off a 3 storey building, you will be met with "concrete justice". So also are the laws of finance, if you disobey them, financial quagmire is your portion.

Robert Kiyosaki said "what makes people rich is not their fat bank accounts, investment in stocks,bonds, high salary job but it is financial intelligence, it is the know-how of the function of money that makes someone rich".  The rich are getting richer because they solve their money problems by being smarter and employing people that are smarter to help them out, while the poor get poorer because they never learn how to solve their money problems and get into greater debt in order to solve their money problems.

If you are really serious about financial freedom you must take the issue of Financial Education  very seriously.  I cannot over emphasize this.  If you want to get into the realm of being financially free, be prepared to learn about how to money works, be prepared on how to manage your personal finance. You cannot do without listening to financial seminar tapes,buy books on personal finance,reading financial papers and magazines like Stock Watch, books on investments and savings.  See friends, take a look at the lives of millionaires you will find out that they are extremely busy people who are experienced investors and financial experts, they put their money where it would grow and they don't just spend anyhow.

One principle of building wealth is this : More income (money) less outgo (disciplined spending). You have to have self-control over your emotions that makes you spend on impulse. Having more money will not solve your problem. You can get ahead financially with what you have right now, with your presently salary you can get  ahead financially. See, money is a magnifier, more money will enlarge what and who are.  If you are a reckless spender, money means more reckless spending.  Someone is not proud because he has money, he is proud because pride was inside of him all these years, waiting for a platform to ride on. The truly humble gets even humbler with the more money they make.

In concluding for now...the truth about making more money is that you should increas your streams of income...that we will talk about next.  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: The Total Package (Aaron D. Lewis & George B. Thompson), Increasing Your Financial IQ, Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert Kiyosaki), Parable of Dollars (Sam Adeyemi)