Monday, October 5, 2009

THE NIGERIAN DREAM: Recreating and re-orientating our National Values

I want to introduce to you a new concept, it's new if you hearing it for the first time,anyway, it is actually a vision born in the hearts of some brave,young and dynamic individuals-it's call The Vision 2025. I would like to refer to it as the Nigerian Dream because for once in our national lives some group of people have decided to give a Specific,Measurable,Achieveable,Realistic and Time-bound goals to our national lives.

The Vision 2025 Nigerian Dream goes like this " by the year 2025, Nigeria would have developed into the most desirable place to live in on planet earth".  This vision requires the effort everybody, all hands have to be on deck for the vision to come into fulfilment.  It requires a mental re-orientation of how we see ourselves as Nigerians,how we view our potentialities and our natural resources.

It involves recreating the Nigeria of our dreams in our minds, it involves being highly optimistic that these dreams will come to pass. It means that we  have to believe that one day that Nigeria will be good,that "Niaja go better". We really have to believe in the Nigerian Dream, let it be a popular jingo in the mouths of every youth, I look forward to seeing passionate youth that goes about with the mentality that " we can be agents of change for Nigeria, we are not going to loot and embezzle anymore".

It means that everyone have to decide to look in the mirror and make a have to be the better Nigerian in order to have a better Nigeria. You have to believe that you can make super wealth legitimately without taking your own share of the "National Cake"...where did Bill Gate and Warren Buffet get their wealth from?. The Vision 2025 is one where our Presidential and Gubernotarial aspirants are devoid of the "Ghana-must-go mentality"...rather the "corruption-must-go mentality" should be installed in their minds.

Change is possible...look at Nelson Mandela and South African. Change is possible...look at Ellen Johnson and Liberia. Change is possible look at Jerry Rawlings and Ghana...Change is possible look Matthew Luther King Jr and the American Dream. Change is possible...look at Obama and America!  God will not send down angels from Heaven to come and carry our hands and go to Aso rock to make a change.  Change is possible when we decide to recreate the Nigeria of our dreams by having a positive mental re-orientation in every sphere of our National lives.

I believe in the New Nigeria...I believe that one day NEPA (or PHCN) go change and give us 24 hours light. I believe that one day, good portable drinking water will flow from the taps of every home.  I believe that one day our educational systems would be free from incessant strike by Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria.I go dey pray so te, so te, so te, so te..." Do you believe?

Take Charge!

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