Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Life on earth is really about impact, it is about adding value to the world you belong. I believe life is not just about being born, growing up, going to primary school, the university or polytechnic, getting a job, getting married, raising children,growing old, retiring and! I believe that there is much more to life than that.

This then behoves on us the responsibility to find out our personal niche, our personal reason for living and becoming what God really have for us. See, being successful should not just be seen from the context of making lots of money, it should be seen from the aspect of fulfilling purpose, fulfilling what God has for us. Picture this, at Heaven's gate, would you be glad that all your gifts and purposes, the businesses, the books and CDs you were destined to produce, walk up to you and say "thanks for bringing us to life, thanks for releasing us, you have completed your course", or would you rather want them to walk up to you and say, "we were supposed to be released by you but you failed to say yes to your destiny, now we were unable to come out of you and bless the Earth, you have failed us", is that what you really want?

See, you have to come to grips and sincerely answer this question of "Purpose", because no truly happy life is devoid of fulfilling it, none!. I was thinking recently and was talking with a friend, we hear of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Graham Bell, Philip Emegwali and a host of others, these men said yes to something that was buring inside of them and now they have eternally blessed the world, their names are written in the anals of history. Infact the world is blessed by their works! So, I ask you a question which I want you to answer: What is your major definate purpose for living? What are you living for? Who are you impacting? Who are you blessing? What is that thing that is burning inside of you and crying for expression? I just wonder.

Who are your mentors? Who are you listening to on a daily basis? You ultimately become like those that are feeding your dreams of life and speaking to your hear. Do you have, by now since you've been following these Inspiring Moments Series, your Life Dreams and Goals written down clearly on paper? Are you really serious about making an impact? Get a big note book and write them down, do it today, do it now!

See,friends, my sincere prayer for you is to make an impact, that after going through this post, you will make up your mind to sit down and write down in black and white, your life Goals and see them come to pass! I did that and today, I would say am not doing so badly, all the things I wrote down are gradually unfold in my life! The house I live in, the car am going to ride, all these things I have seen in my mind before they start coming to pass...what are you seeing about your future?

We are architects of our future, my favourite books says " A man's heart deviseth his ways but it is the Lord that directs his paths", no matter your dreams and aspirations, you need God to fulfil them. Connection to your manufacturer is paramount. You can only have true and good success through having God on your side.

I see you at the top! You will succeed, it all starts in your mind! Stay connected, you have too much inside of you to loose this race of life!

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