Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As the year 2009 runs to an end, we have about 86 days to go, by taking a look at the year in retrospect, what can you say you have achieved so far? For your family,career and self? Hmmm...I strongly feel that an honest and deep self assessment, what I'll like to call the Inward Analysis, is very vital to our lives. You see friends, there's every need for us to examine our personal and corporate,even more so as the year comes to an end. I cannot over-emphasize the importance of this...I really cannot.

The true measure of success, which I have come to discover is this:

1) Have you come to discover your true purpose? Folks, please pardon my repeating myself all over and over again...I think the most important thing that can happen to a man is "the discovery of purpose"...see, if you can clearly and boldly state in no uncertain terms your purpose...then you have really started to live.  Clarifying your purpose makes life easy to live, gives meaning to life, gives you zest for your job. Friends find your purpose...You have a purpose...find it.  The car has its purpose, the pen has it purpose, the computer you are using and the monitor you are viewing now have their purposes. What is your purpose?  To discover your purpose, ask the Manufacturer, look at the inherent gifts and dispositions you are naturally inclined to.

2) Are you fulfilling your purpose? The way you become great in life is to find your gift and serve that gift to the world.  We are all leaders in the areas of our giftings, Tiger Woods is the master of golf, Usain Bolt is the master of the tracks,the Williams sisters are the queens of the court, Jay Jay Okocha is the king of the football field and master dribbler.  What are you all about and are you fulfilling that gift?  You have to find, refine and serve your gift to the world for you to be great.

3) Are you helping others to discover and fulfill  their purpose ? True success produces other successes, you cannot be acclaimed successful if you do not have a successor. You should produce people after your own kind.  If you claim to be truly successful...how many people have discovered their purpose through you? How many people are inspired to do more,be more through your lifestyle.  Man! you're supposed to be a role model!  Honestly...you can't say you are successful if your success does no impact lives and cause positive change in your society.

4) True success has little to do with monetary worth.  Yeah...you may say what is success without money but let me ask you, haven't you seen wealthy men who ended up terrible wrecks,died miserable deaths? So having superfluous wealth doesn't make you entirely successful.  Success is in levels, its not a destination but a journey. You keep on succeeding from levels to levels. Success is never ending, failure is never final.

Write me and post your comment on this topic, "what is your own measure of true success?

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading : In Pursuit of Purpose (Myles Munroe), Goals! (Brain Tracy), The Assignment (Mike Murdock),Success 101 (John C. Maxwell)