Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ONLY YOU CAN STOP YOU! :You are Unstoppable!

I want to rush a thought to you, it's one have found to be very true in our life pursuits.  From my research in studying great men and people that have really made impact in their generation I have come to discover one common characteristics amoung all of them...they all believed in theirselves and never stopped at what was their passion! 

Never in history has the power of self-determination be defeated by the seemingly mountainous problems or challenges. Once you put your mind to doing something nothing can really stop you except yourself!  That may be surprising...but it's the truth. Picture Obama and the American Presidency, Picture Amstrong and climbing the moon,Picture Usain Bolt and 3 Olympic gold medals and him shattering the world records and being the fastest man on earth!

There are no mountains nowhere except in your mind...you actually come to a point where you say "I don't think I can make it anymore"...this challenges are too much for me...I feel like giving up...Oh God! am tired of these problems and difficulties! and then you quit! How sad, because just right at the point of your quitting you might have hit the target for real...It was Albert Eintein or so, who tried 9,999 times before he was able to get it right so that we can have the electric bulb today. Henry Ford dared to create a v8 engine, what his "expert mechanics" said was impossible but he insisted they go on working at it and guess what? it was possible.

History is replete with countless stories of people who overcame obstacles to attain new heights of achievement, you can do the same...but the question is ... do you believe you can? do you really believe that despite what every other person is saying, that your dream is still possible?  Even the devil knows that you are unstoppable that is why he uses his most potent weapon against you, it's a weapon that always work, if you fall to his trickery-- the weapon of frustration.

He knows he cannot stop you by his power, no matter how powerful you think he is, he cannot stop you, he only suggest discouraging words to you and paints the problem bigger than it is...then if you believe him, you quit and he wins. If you fail to quit and fodge ahead, you frustrate him and go on to win...that's the spirit of champion in you.  You are more than a conqueror!

In concluding for now..."Never, never,never give up....Winston Churchill". You can win, you can succeed, you can be all the best you want to be in life...do you believe? I believe ! TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading: You Can Win (Shev Khera), Awakening The Giant Within (Anthony Robbins),
Winners don't Quit and Quitters don't Win (Robert Schuller)