Friday, October 30, 2009


I have  come to know that about 80% of what we do daily is tailored towards making more money for ourselves. When you woke up this morning, you left your house in order to go to work so as to make money,if you are self employed or to do your job, if you are an employee or to supervise your company, if you are a business owner.  It's as if we all came to this world to make money, I've heard people say that life is all about money, women and true is that I don't know, but if you've been following this series on Inspiring Moments  you would definately know better...Life is really about impact, fulfilling your God-given purpose.  You are here on assignment.  Have you found your place of assignment?

The truth about making more money is that you don't get wealthy by a bigger pay-cheque or a huge money contract. Surprised? Please don't be.  Both the rich and the poor have money problems.  The money problem of the poor is "not enough money" while the money problem of the rich is " too much money".  Getting ahead financially requires two things : financial literacy and discipline.  Yes, as simple as it seems those are the basic ingredients I have come to find out which I can use as a summary of what it takes to be financially free. 

I know that the dream of every adult is to be financially free, yeah, everyone of us looks up to the time when we have enough money to buy what we want, go where we want and do what we want,and you know what? It is possible.  Then how can one be financially free? Thanks for asking that question, am so glad you did.  To be financially free, you need to know how money works, you need to set your priorities straight, in order words, financial literacy and discipline are the two major requirements to be financially free.  I know many books on investment and personal finance profer alot of  keys to success, rules of wealth creation, principles of financial success, rules of money etc But basically, they all boil down to these two principles I have mentioned : financial literacy (financial education) and discipline.

You have to be ready to change in order to get ahead financially. Let me give a quick summary of what to do in order to be on the path to financial freedom:

1) TITHE: You should give 10% of your income as tithe

2) SAVINGS: You should save 10% in your savings account,which is meant for extreme emergencies

3) INVEST:  You should invest 10% in a mutual fund,shares or any other venture where the money is quaranteed to have the propensity to grow

4) BUDGET :You should budget all  your monthly expenses to fall within the remaining 70% of your salary. You should ensure that all you spend in a month does not exceed the 70% left after tithe,savings and investment.  Anything that is above that should be put forward till next month

5) LONG TERM PLANNING : Budget all expenses 3 months ahead. You should have an idea and well-written down plans of your future expenses, all major and minor things should be on your plan. \

6) AVOID IMPULSE BUYING : Impulse buying is the main reason we run out of cash. It makes your salary to be spent before it is earned. Haven't you wondered why is it that before the month ends, for salaried workers, that your salary is already gone? Stop impulse buying ,most of the things you buy with impulse you don't really need.

7) PAY YOUR DEBT AND AVOID FUTURE DEBTS : Debt is another major drainage of income, haven't you noticed that once your income arrives, debtors show up? It's as if you're being  robbed in broad day light! But the truth is you've already eaten your cake before you had it through impulse buying and getting what you don't need for survival for the now.

8) INCREASE YOUR FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE :  Attend financial seminars,listen to mentorship tapes and VCDs on personal, increase your library of personal finace books. Read, read and read about how to increase your financial intelligence through planning,budgetting,savings,investing and owning your company. 

9) ESTABLISH YOUR OWN COMPANY: You cannot get rich by working in a salaried employment.  Haven't you noticed that most wealthy people you see today own their personal company? Just name them, Ben Murray Bruce, Larry Izamoje,Wale Adenuga,Richard Bradson, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Alhaji Aliko Dangote etc name them, they all have their personal company.  God said he will bless the work of your hands.  You have to give him what to bless, your business is the conduit he need to bless you with. Think about it.

10) GET FINANCIAL MENTORS : You are like those who look up to, your reference points are what you would ultimately end up like or even more than. You want to be financially successful, do you have tghe list of the 10 wealthiest people on the planet? What did they do to be successful? What are they into? Success has it's tracks, follow the path they've set you will get to where they've gotten.

In concluding for have to start thinking good thoughts like "it is possible for me to be financial free". It all starts from your thinking.  STAY CONNECTED!

Recommended Reading: Increasing Your Financial IQ (Robert Kiyosaki), Why We Want You To Be Rich ( Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki),The Total Package (Aaron D. Lewis, George B. Thompson)