Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THIS BORN-AGAIN THING: Re-claiming the real you! (Part 2)

Hello friends, like we started yesterday, being born again is a very important aspect of our lives as christians yet many of us seem not to really get the real meaning of what it means. Sometime ago, I was wondering and asking so many questions in order to know and understand the whole meaning of life on earth: Why are we all here? Why did God created man? Why have so many great men of God and God's generals come and gone and yet the earth remains? What is this grand plan of God for the earth that we've been preaching the coming of Christ for so many years and yet He is yet to come?

These and so many other mind bugging questions I have been asking and just recently this year, 5th of April,2009, to be precise,I came across a book that actually answers these questions and this books is part of the recommended text given for yesterdays post- Re-discovering the Kingdom of God by  Dr Myles Munroe. Please get that book and also the DVD Kindgom Principles, it is a recommended reading and viewing, highly recommended!.  This born-again thing is actually about re-claiming what you originally were created to be and do on earth, it's about your true identity.

The reason why Christ preached about being born-again is because He wants to take you back to the original state that God created you to be-- the place of dominion,power and control over the circumstances of this life. You are royalty, you are the son and daughter of a King,you are a prince and you don't even know it, you are a princess and you don't even know it! God is your father! I believe friends, that the greatest discovery in the spirit realm is to come to the knowledge that God is your father!

If only I could get you to believe that God is as much of a direct father to you just as your biological father, if only I could get you to see with the eyes of knowledge and revelation your true identity, you will jump on your feet and shout out loud "Eureka! I've found it at last!". See, you are a king on this earth, that's why He is the King of kings, we are lords on this earth that is why He is the Lord of lords! You are so special and destined for great things that is why the devil wants to steal,kill and destroy your destiny!

Being born-again is not just one common place cliche that is so overused these days in our churches and christian centres, being born again is re-claiming your rightful position, it means being born into the kingdom of God. There is a Kingdom lifestyle and culture that is filled with power authority and dominion and you can only access it when you get born again. You are actually doing yourself a whole world of good by getting born again, believe me, because all you do in this life will not matter if you fail to be born into the original purpose of God for your life...remember we said earlier in Inspiring Moments Series 1  that the fulfilment of your purpose is the ultimate measure of success and it is the only thing that gives true joy and satisfaction. So, friends I ask a question: are you born again?

Getting born again is only a prayer away,please feel free to talk to your Father in Heaven and ask Him for forgiveness of sins and ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life as your Lord and personal saviour! There you are!...welcome to the Kingdom of God! A whole new world awaits you, I can only imagine the great things that you'll be doing henceforth.

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Recommended Reading: The Assigment, The 3 Most Important Things In Your life (Mike Murdock), Re-discovering the Kingdom,Kingdom Principles, The Most Important Person On Earth ( Myles Munroe).