Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This is another important factor that actually determines how far we go in life. Drives are what fuels our actions, the reason why we do certain things, it could also be defined as passion. Your drive in life will tell me your purpose, it would indicate the centre of what you are all about. So, I ask, what drives your life?

Is your drive money,(yeah that's a big one), is your drive based on how much wealth you can gather? Is your drive just based on the fact that you want to become a millionaire? Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo said "the proof of burning desire is the actions you carry out". Your drive wakes you up in the morning, your drive is that thing you habitually do, that if you've not done for a day, you feel as if your sick. Your drive determines when you go to bed and when you wake up.

You should be sincere with yourself and really sit down and define your drives. For instance, my drives are music, Gospel music, I can't do without listening to Sammie Okposo, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin, Juanita Bynum,Women of Faith,Cece Winnans,Bene Winnans and a host of others everyday, yeah, you heard me rigth everyday!

And also, Motivational tapes from Myles Munroe, T.D. Jakes,Matthew Ashimolowo,Brain Tracy, John C. Maxwell etc. Wow! Boy! These things are my daily drives...I can't do without singing on top of my voice every morning...Jesus I can't do without that...these are my drives, they fire me up for the task ahead of each day!

Friends, find your drive and experience a new sense of living and direction for all you do, and I'll like to close this talk with the words of Dr Mike Murdock( King Solomon of our time) "Loneliness is the absence of direction"....I believe in your dream...TAKE CHARGE!

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