Wednesday, September 2, 2009

THINK BIG! -The Secret to Success

I just picked a book recently,by now you all know am a voracious reader, I love books, good quality books. The title is Gifted Hands by the world reknowned Ben Carson M.D., the first man to successfully separate a Siamese twins.  He said some things that I would like to share with you, I find it very very profound and informative and these are what I love us to talk about today.

A little boy asked him, " what is the key to your success?" and here is what he said: "it wasn't a new question. I'd heard it so many times that I finally worked out an acrostic (acronym) answer. He then said to the boy "Think Big". Think Big is an acronym for 10 key steps for success, according to this highly reputable doctor, and 10 in scriptures means Completeness...I find this very profound and informative.

Learn to recognise and accept your God-given talents (and we all have them). Develop those talents and use them in the career you choose. Remembering T for talents puts you  far ahead of the game if you take advantage of what God gives you.

T aslo = TIME
Learn the importance of time. When you are always on time, people can depend on you.  You prove your trustworthiness.  Learn not to waste time, because time is money and time is effort.  Time usage is also a talent. God gives some the people the ability to manage time. The rest of us have to learn how. And we can!

Don't go around with a long face,expecting something bad to happen. Anticipate good things, watch for them.

In concluding this for now...I'll say this, according to our Manual (which is actually a Kingdom Document),from our Manufacturer(our creator,our father, God), "for as he thinks in his heart, so is he.." other tranlations put it as "as a man thinketh so is he" Prov 23:7. Do you Think Big of yourself?.  TAKE CHARGE!

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