Monday, September 14, 2009


Hello friends, wow! wow!! wow!!! It's a lovely day and I believe it's gonna be a lovely week, one filled with love, favour, blessings and all the good things that we are all longing for.  I hope you've had the time to go through all these blogs I have been posting since August 31, 2009- the birthday of this blog. Thanks for visiting and sharing my thoughts and dreams.

I want to start this week by asking some thought-provoking questions, questions that would provoke your ideology, questions that would re-orientate how you look at some things...and please, don't feel intimidated or that am coming with a "holier-than-thou attitude" no no, that's not the intention of this website.  This blog is actually about inspiring you to action.  Inspiration is about your thought while Motivation is about your action. 

My goal on "Inspiring Moments with John Obuku & Friends" is to cause a revolutionary change in your thinking pattern to begin to see the big picture and begin to see yourself as a Champion that you really  are.  Scientists have proven that at conception, there are about 500,000 million sperms that swim towards an egg, but only that fertilizers it... that one is a champion, you are that one...hmm..hmm...yes you are, please, stand up and say..."I AM A CHAMPION!".

In cases of twins, what you have is a case of double champions, tripplets is tripple champions. So, for the fact that you are alive means you overcame about 499,000 million others to make it. So friends, congratulations once again.

The questions I want to ask are these:
1) Do you have clear written goals? that are specificand time-bound? Well, this question is not really new, in that if you've been a follower of my blog, you would have heard this overtime, infact, until you feel am repeating myself, then you've not really gotten it. Please, if your answer is no...just look for a piece of plain paper and pen and start to write 10 major goals you want to achieve before 2009 runs out,do it right now.  You'll be amazed at what this singular act will do to your motivation levels, happiness and meaning to your daily life.

2) How many self-delopement books have you read since this year?  It's not a new story that readers are leaders. But do you read?  Is it only Mills and Booms,Romance novels etc that you read?  Have you read more sports pages and Complete Sports this year than a book on personal finance?  If I should come to your house and assess your personal library, what would I find there? Hmmm...I just wonder!

3) When last did you take any serious test or examination on your course of discipline?  You see, I have come to discover that people only read when they have an examination coming up, or want to write Aptitude Test or are facing an interview...this I personally feel is very sad.  Taking a professional examination like ICAN,CIS,ICMA,ACCA,NIM helps to build your knowledge and self confidence and you'll be viewed as an authority and professional in your field.

In concluding this for now...I want to encourage you to answer these questions with sincerity and start right away....yeah right away to take action steps to correct these and be able to say "Yes" to all.  I'll see you at the top.  Stay blessed and T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E !

Recommended Reading: The Burden of Freedom, In Pursuit of Purpose( Myles Munroe), Why Ask Why, An Enemy Called Average (John Mason), Eat That Frog, Flight Plan (Brian Tracy), You Can Win (Shev Khera)