Friday, September 11, 2009


I have come to know that change only comes when we decide to take a different direction in our daily routine.  One of the definations of insanity is to keep on doing things the same way and expect to obtain a different result.  Hence, if you want to get a different result in your life, you have to do things differently.

So, to change your life forever, you have to start by defining what you really want out of life. Yeah, H.L. Hunt puts it this way : Success requires 2 things, first, you have to know exactly what you want. Second, you must determine the price that you have to pay and then get busy paying that price. See, friends, I have come to discover that we are solely responsible for all that happens to us...yeah...things are bound to happen, but how do you respond to them? 

Your attitude to life is a big determinant of your success not just what happens to you, because as you are now you carry all the potential to achieve all your goals.  Your potential is extra-ordinary...yeah...even as you are seated there.

To change your life, you have to do the following:
1) Define what you want to achieve in life, make clear, written, time-bound goals.  Your goals are very vital to your happiness and fulfilment in life.  Do you have a goal, not mere wishes or day-dreams, but a specific goal, written down that you pursue daily?

2) Determine the price to pay to get this goal and start paying it.  Is it to go for lectures, write a professional exam, go back to school?  Whatever it need to be ready to take action to get that goal.

3) Choose those you listen to on a daily basis.  What is the first thing you listen to when you wake up? As for me, after I do my morning devotion (which involves alot of singing and shouting at the top of my I love listening to Sky High on Ray Power, a 10 to 15 mins of Motivation Talk that's highly inspiring...I love to do a little reading while on the go, whether on Keke Marwa or in a friend's car. I must get so steam on my jet engine!

4) Choose your friends.  I can't over-emphasize this one. Pls, choose your friends wisely, because you are stuck with your family but you choose your friends. There are Dream-Killlers and Dream-Lifters, your friends should be your Dream-Lifters, people of like-mind as you... follow people that have dreams like you...avoid people with no dreams because they would ultimately want you to be like them,be a nobody.

5) Commit yourself to life long learning: Life long learning involves you building up a good library of quality books that ranges from motivational, personal development, career and management books.  You have to be a committed reader of books, like the saying goes, " readers are leaders", also, readers are writters. The more you read, the more you tap into ideas of great minds and like Dr Ben Carson puts have a knowledge intercourse with their minds and ideas and you become better.  Be a reader of books, Daniel in the Bible said, "I understood by books".

In concluding this for now, I'll charge with one little assignment, pick a piece of paper right now and write down 10 goals you would love to achieve before 2009 runs out, then, tomorow, go to any good bookshop around you and pick up a good book and commit to reading.  I believe you will do this.  

Till next week, Thank God It's Friday!, I'll say , I love y'all and as usual, T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E !

Recommended Reading: Wisdom Keys 101,The Assignment,The Law of Recognition (Mike Murdock)