Tuesday, September 29, 2009

INTEGRITY: Matching your private life with your public life

Well friends, this is one of the most difficult topics to talk about, not because of its intricacies and complexities but because it is one that is actually a hard pill to swallow...even for the most disciplined individual.

A defination given for Integrity is when your private life matches up with your public life.i.e. what you say and do in the public should also be what you would say and do in private...You should not be seen saying one thing and then doing another thing.  If you say others should not womanise...hmmm...are you not doing the same?  Do you say one thing and you go back and do something else...friends, this is a very hard pill for me to swallow because it cuts down to our inner desires and struggles.

I'm taking a very deep look at my actions for these past few months and years...infact ever since I started taking this issue of integrity seriously, I've come to put off somethings...yeah...it's a hard pill to swallow but to inspire others and be a model, you have to live above board.

So friends, I say this with utmost humility..."what are the areas of your life that you need to change?", what are the things that you need to put aside and say "yes" to the higher call of God's demands as per your integrity? Please, take a honest self analysis, nobody is condemning you now...just be plain honest and take the courage to make the necessary adjustments.  Believe me...I know how you're feeling now...but know this...it is well.

In concluding for now...I will paraphrase a wise saying like this "Oh God! give me the heart to accept the things I cannot change and give me the courage to change those I can change".  Your integrity protects your gift and your future. We'll continue on this tomorow.  Stay connected.  Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: The Power Principle of Integrity in Leadership-VCD Pre-Platform Evening (Myles Munroe)