Saturday, September 26, 2009

LIFE LONG LEARNING: Key to Significant Living

I have come to know that the secret to a productive life is living a life of constant learning...yeah...for you to grow in life and become someone significant, you have to be committed to a very serious discipline of "Life-Long Learning".

It is said that when you stop learning you start dieing...I've come to know that is very true. You see, friends, the last real reading some people have really done is when they wrote their last semester exams in school, either in the University or Polytechnic...that to me is very very tragic, because what you'll see in these type of lives is little motivation, drive, personal improvement and zest for living.

If you really what to give your life a new meaning, I suggest the following, which I think are actually steps to embark on a continuous Life-long learning progress that almost automatically quarantees success in life...success in it's true defination.

The Process of life-long learning include some of the following:
1) Buying and reading quality books that are motivational,inspirational,spiritual and have to do with personal and career development

2) Seek and attend any seminar on career talks,financial education,business entreprenuerial skills,personal development and how to have multiple streams of income.

3) Committ yourself to building your personal library of rich books that cuts across a wide variety of areas of interests. Your library should be so rich that any age bracket should find something suitable to read.

4) Committ to reading a book per month, then when you get very proficient, you could increase it to 2 or 3 books per month. For me, I read a chapte of a different book per day (sounds challenging hey? but I love!)

5) Develop the positive attitude of ever ready to learn something new each day, from each event in your life...commit your lessons learnt to a journal or diary title "Life lessons", which is your "personal book of proverbs".

In concluding for now...hmm... the world is full of information, infact there's an information over-load, so you have no excuse for not succeeding. Take action...TAKE C-H-A-R-G-E!

Recommended Reading: You Can Win (Shev Khera), Over the Top (Zig Ziglar), Awakening the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins)

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