Thursday, September 10, 2009


I want to talk about a very important principle that I have come to discover changes the lives of millions of men all over the world...this principle is The Power Principle of Goal Setting.  World reknown personal and career development expert and guru, Brian Tracy in his book Goals! has the following to say:

"If I was given only five minutes to speak to you and I could convey only one thought that would help you to be more successful, I would tell you "Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day". 

The regular and systematic practice of goal setting has taken us from poverty to prosperity, from frustration to fulfilment, from underachievement to success and satisfaction.  He also said. "with goals , you fly like an arrow,straight and true to your target, without goals, you simply drift and flow on the currents of life".

"Clear goals increase your confidence, develop your competence, and boost your levels of motivation". Tom Hopkins says. " Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement".  Also, from the book Goals!, here are some things that I find very interesting:

4 reasons why people don't set goals:
1) They think goals aren't important
2) They dont know how to set goals
3) They have a fear of failure, people are afraid to set any goals at which they might fail because failure hurts and because the goals set would  serve as a measure of their success.
4) They have a fear of Rejection

Goals give you a sense of meaning and purpose. Goals give you a sense of direction. As you move toward your goals you feel happier and stronger. You feel more energized and effective. You feel more competent and confident in yourself.

In concluding this for now...take a sheet of heard me right...take a sheet of paper and write down clear goals of what you want to achieve, have daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals,yearly goals, 5-year plans and 7-year plans...infact write down all the goals you intend to achieve for the next 50 years!...these are the Secrets of Great Achievers!..I believe in your dreams...

Stay blessed and T-A-K-E  C-H-A-R-G-E!!!

Recommended Reading: The Assignment(Mike Murdock), Goals (Brian Tracy)