Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FAILURE TRACKS: Identifying the pattern of failure

Hello friends, what a wonderful day. Just like we started yesterday, we discovered that success has its tracks, so also does failure...surprised? Pls don't be.  Like you must have now realised, everything around us has its pattern. If it wants to rain, there is a pattern, if it's going to be a sunshine day, there's a pattern. As success has its trail so also does failure.

Failure is not a one-off event. Failure comes in piece-meals...you succeed or fail bit by bit.  Just like a bucket that is leaky, and the water in the container gradually drizzles away, so also does failure comes subtlely.  You start to fail from those little procrastinations of critical things you're supposed to be doing daily.  How many books have you avoided reading? How many weeks do you waste away playing,watching motives on satalitte TV and endless seasons of Prison Brakes and 24,when you have a professional exam coming up? Hmm...I just wonder.

You see friends, the moment you begin to avoid those important things you are supposed to do and go for the trivial...that's a failure track. Failure track is avoiding what you are supposed to do today and hoping to do it tomorow, only for tomorow to come and you continue the cycle of procrastination. Everyday you should be doing something that is taking you closer to your dream. Mike Murdock said " the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine". 

Summarily, failure tracks includes some of the following attitudes:
1) Not having clearly defined goals, visions and aspirations that is well documented and followed passionately.i.e. lack of definateness of purpose.
2) Being a master procrastinator by starting so many things and not finishing any of them

3) Having no mentors, not a life-long learner, hate reading thus knowledge

4) Trying to please everybody.

5) Trying to be like somebody and undermining your uniqueness. Being narrow-minded.

6) Hanging out with people that are not going anywhere because they will ultimately make you like them- be a nobody.

7) Thinking you can make it on your own. You need God, people and a plan. Remember  the "7 keys to make it to your future".

In concluding for now... a close study of people that have failed in history is a good lesson. Remember failure is not an event, it is a journey...some continuously fail by repeating past mistakes, others learn from the experiences of those that have gone ahead of them. Where do you belong?  Stay connected. Take Charge!

Recommended Reading:Wisdom 101, The Assignment (Mike Murdock), Living your Glory (Myles Munroe), Success 101 (John C. Maxwell),Awakening the Giant Within,Unlimited Power (Anthony Robbins)