Tuesday, September 8, 2009


There are certain principles if diligently followed guarantees success in life.  John C. Maxwell defines Success as " discovering your potential and fulfilling it, inspiring others on how to discover and maximize theirs".  Principles are establised laws that are always true no matter where they are applied, they are tested truths that stays the same irrespective of the situation.

Through research and from listening to profound speakers and great motivational/inspirational speakers over the last few years, from 2001 to be precise, I have come to discover 7 Principles for getting to your future.  These are things that when properly applied, guarantees success, in the true defination of the world.

7 Things to Get To Your Future

1) Purpose: Purpose is the original intent for manufacturing a thing. It is the reason for the creation of a product by the manufacturer. Everything God created has a purpose, everything that man has created so far, has a purpose.  Your eyes see, your ears hears, hands are for holding and writing, your nose for breathing.  It is very very vital to your success in life if you can clearly answer the question : What is your purpose? To know your purpose, go to the manufacturer-God. "When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable"...Myles Munroe.

2) Passion:  Passion is a feeling that is stronger than death.  It's the drive of your life, it's something that causes you to take action ,it wakes you up every morning because there's this strong push for acheivement.  Passion is what you love doing and does it even when money is not involved. Your passions are a pointer to your purpose. What are that things that you would rather do for free...something you just love doing? That my friend is one of your passions.

3) Potential: Potential is the latent ability, what you are but have not yet attain,it is unused strength, unattained success,it's the great man in the little boy,it's the awesome woman in the prostitute,it's the great gospel artiste in the choir-member,it is the tree in the twig,it's the fruit in the seeds. It means power. The greatest discovery of your life is when you discover your potential, release it, and maximise it.

We'll continue tomorow....TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading : Understanding Your Potential,Releasing Your Potential and Maximise Your Potential (Myles Munroe),The Assignment,The 3 Most Important Things In Your Life (Mike Murdock)