Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well at last folks, I think I have been able to fulfill my promise of yesterday to do a DD (Double Dose) of blogging.  That's what I call integrity...power to remain fixed,predictable at all times, it's when your private life matches up with your public life-Integrity or Character: that's a topic for another session of "Inspiring Moments" with John Obuku and Friends.

So far, I have come to discover that people only grow in proportion to how they have been able to develop themselves, after all the studying and reading of the higher institution is over.  Studies have shown that almost 90 % of adults don't do serious reading immediately they leave school.  The only serious reading some people have done is their last semester examination and probably G-MAT for employment purpose, since then, it has been all pleasure reading all the way...humbly...I think that's a tragedy.

The Hebrew word for knowledge is light while the Hebrew word for ignorance is darkness. Meaning the amount of knowledge one has, determines his level of light on issues of life.  I believe that there are 2 universities in life: the Academic University and Life University.  You go through the academic university in 4 to 6 years as the course duration may require while the life university is lasts through all your life.

How you develop in this Life University is purely based on how you are able to self-develop yourself. Self Development is a process whereby one engage his mind, energy and time in studying personal development books,motivational books, attending seminars, listening to mentorship tapes and developing a habitual lifestyle of learning-life long learning.

In concluding for now...the real education is what you learn after you have forgotten what you were taught in school.  Till next time friends, TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended Reading: Goals (Brian Tracy)