Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hello dear friend, wow! You are welcome to a very unique day in the year and in the next 92 years. Today is the last day in which a single digit is repeated thrice in the calenda, the next time will be in January 1, 2101 and in the next millenium January 1, 3001.  Wow! So relish the uniqueness of  today.

Personally, for me, the number 9 represent Fruitfulness in Scriptures, so I would like to interprete today,09/09/2009 as Fruitfulness Cube or Fruitfulness times 3 or Fruitfulness raise to the power of three. I would be praying for 3-fold fruitfulness in all spheres of my life. So shall it be!

Now back to the discussion we started yesterday.  Pls take especial note:

7 Things To Get to Your Future

4) Plans: You must have clearly defined plans written down in black and white...yeah...clearly written down on paper.  The devil only kills those without a plan, why do I say so? The Kingdom Manual tells us that " though a plan may tarry wait for it, it would come to pass, it would not fail".  It also says "the heart of a man deviseth his ways but the Lord directs his paths".  By having clearly defined plans written down on paper, you are giving God what to direct. Popular wisdom advises " he who fails to plan, plans to fail".

5) People: Birds of the same feather flock together. Show me your friends and I'll tell you how you would ultimately end, because we become like those we admire. You cannot acheive your dream alone,you need people because no man has it all.  There are Dream-Lifters and Dream-Killers. Move away from Dream-killers---they revile you,despise your passions and dreams, don't ...pls don't share your dreams with them.  Look for Dream-Lifters---they celebrate your dream, they believe in you, they believe you can fly. Seek out these in your life...funny as it may seems, both are already in your life. You are stuck with your family but choose your friends wisely.

6) Persistence: Persistence is the ability to move ahead inspite of the opposition.  It's the staying-ability to forge ahead despite the storm,obstacles or obstructions that may be thrown at you. Only the persistent get what they demand from life.  If you want to get to your future, develop and unwavering ability to be persistent. Dr Mike Murdock said on his Morning Motivation of Saturday 5th Sept. 2009, "Keep the Spirit of a Finisher, anyone can start a marathon, only champions finish the race. II Tim. 4:7.

7) Prayer: You need a daily communion with the giver of your dream.  Your dreams should be so big that they scare you, so you will need to run to God to give you the strength to run the grace. You need great grace for the race of life. Develop a daily habit of talking with God and hearing from him, through studying the Kingdom Manual (Bible), coupled with occasionally prayer and fasting. You will get there.

Wow!...I hope you are blessed. I am.  I believe in that dream, I beleive in that school you want to establish, I believe in that blue-chip business that is still in the recess of your minds... Please don't go to the grave with my goods, release them!  I love y'all and TAKE CHARGE!

Recommended reading: The Burden of Freedom, In Pursuit of Purpose(Myles Munroe), 31 Secrets of Career Success (Mike Murdock), and Reposition Yourself (T.D. Jakes)