Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Hello friends, it's so good knowing that you're there reading my blog posts, You are my Dream-lifters!Yeah...in life we have  Dream-lifters and Dream-killers!  Someday, we'll talk about them...infact I'll do a Double Dose(DD) today, just to make up for yesterday's absence.

Continuing on our discussion on The Power Principle of Time, I have come to know, that when people respect your time, they will respect your wisdom.  The currency of this world is time...infact time is so important that literally everything we do on earth is time-based. Your job is time based, your age is time based, the calenda is time based, even eternity that is a period that is actually endless is still qualified as time-less,...you see, time is still mentioned there!.

So, I want to ask a thought provoking question of this sort: "what do you do with your time?", after working hours, what do you do with your time?  What's your idea of leisure?  Do you keep your appointments?  If we are to fix a meeting for 4.00 pm, will you be there 3.45 pm or 4.45 pm?...hmm...I just wonder. 

See, friends, I have come to realise that people judge you most of the time by your respect of time...yeah!...as shocking as it seems and as trivial as you may put it...people describe you and form an opinion about you with your respect to time.  If you think am tripping, come to work 10.00 am for 5 days...then you'l tell me the story.

In concluding for the now...I love to say this " Time is the currency of life, everybody is blessed with a fresh dose of it everyday...the amount of hours you have in a day is the amount of useful ones used to develop yourself for your glorious future".  Your thoughts and comments are welcome and highly treasured. I love y'all, and TAKE CHARGE!