Friday, September 4, 2009


Good day friends, I will like to rush this thought to you before we continue our discussion on THINK BIG. I have come to know that anything significant can only be achieved if The Power Principle of Time is strictly adhered to. 

The currency of the world is time...You are paid in your job for the time you spend there, if you come late, you are querried orally, if it becomes a persistent and consistent habit, you are given an official querry that you must answer, and that in itself is derogatory to your profile. 

Dr Mike Murdock once said "Someone who does not respect your time will not respect your wisdom".  The proof of relationship and love is an investment of time...relationships will be severed and withered if there is disrespect of time...the depth of love in a relationship is measured in terms of time spent together.

You can only do well in something you love if you invest enough time in it.  Every great feat that had been achieved in history are as a result of volumnuous investment of time.  I want to ask you, "what do you spend most of your time on?  What consumes your time the most?  After working hours how do you spend your time?...I just wonder.

In concluding this series for now...I'll love to say this " Disregard of the power principle of time is disregard of your glorious and awesome future"....Stay connected and as I usually say...TAKE CHARGE!