Thursday, December 3, 2009


Life on earth has been seen has something like a competition between men, competition for who is the best, who achieves this and who achieves that, who has the biggest car, the fattest bank account,wears the most expensive clothes etc.  But I have come to discover that the true competition is beating ourselves, how have you been able to surpass your past successes?  Are you still living in the past glory,in previous years' successes or are you breaking new frontiers?

The only person you have to compete against is yourself!  Yeah, that may shock you, but common listen, friends, as our finger prints are different so is our individual purposes and destinies.  The important thing one should be doing is fulfilling his own destiny, doing the work God has sent you to this earth to do.  Now that brings me to the question, Are you fulfilling your destiny?  Have you discovered your purpose? Are you competing with your fellow man or striving to supercede your previous success?  Hmm... these are important questions you must ask yourself.

Your true competition is compete to supercede your past achievements!  That is your true competitionYou are created for a specific purpose by God, discover it and become a world leader!  You become a leader by discovering your gifts and talents and actively refining them and serving them to the world.  Your most dominant aspiration is to surpass your achievements of yesterday!  To get to the next level of success you need to surpass your accomplishments of yesterday! Stop living in past glory!  God is not interested in what you have done as much as He's interested in what you are capable of doing!

Henceforth, seek to become a huge success by surmounting the obstacles before you and accomplishing more than you did yesterday!   There are greater levels of success and lofty achievements before you...the issue you see them?  Do you believe you can attain greater levels of success than what you did yesterday?  Remember one of the principles of life : Thoughts Become Things!  That's one of the greatest laws of the universe, The Law of Attraction.

You can succeed, you will succeed!  Just Think and Believe! It is possible, remember only you can stop you!  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: Better Than Good (Zig Ziglar), The Law of Recognition (Mike Murdock)

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