Monday, December 14, 2009

REFINING MOMENTS: Triumph through trials

Life atimes gives us funny blows and we have lots of lessons to learn from activities that happens in our life.  Your troubles are actually your miracles!  In every crisis there is an equal amount of opportunity for a breakthrough.  You are to profit from that stumbling block not to die in it.  The truth is that most people never realise that they are supposed to learn from the mistakes and errors and do better when those obstacles reoccur in the future.

One of the definations of failure is " to start more intelligently next time".  Yeah, your mistakes are actually meant to make you start more intelligently next time around.  Just like the fire is used to refine gold to bring out it's true qualities, circumstances that presents themselves as challenges are meant to remove all impurities from you and make you the star that you are.  The issue here is what are you made of? Who are you?   If you are a person of strong character, it would show in how you react to challenges circumstances Circumstances reveal to the man who he is.

Crisis situations reveal our true character, if you really want to know a man, observe him at the moment of his trial, watch how he reacts when faced with obstaclesYour true friends are known at your crisis moments!  Whatever you are passing through, have this settled in your mind that " this problem is for my lifting", "this challenge is pulling me to the next level of my upliftment".  A wise saying goes that "necessity is the mother of invention".  In times of crisis, rise above it by proferring a solution to it instead of complaining and dwelling on the problem.  In times of crisis, look for creative ways to solve the seemingly imsurmoutable problem rather that passing the buck.

One of the definations of failures is to pass the blame to somebody else when it's in your power to take responsibility and boldly looking for solutions to the problem. Your mentality should be " can I solve this problem?"  Listen friends, every problem has a solution!   Be a solution provider, a trouble-shooter and not a trouble-maker!

You can do it if you can only put your mind to it!  You are the best there one be like you!  Go ahead believe in yourself and succeed!  You are a gem of inesteemable value!  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading: It's Not Over Till It's Over! (Matthew Ashimolowo)

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